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How to Add a Bubble Caption to Your Photos

Adding bubble captions to your own photos is a fun way to add humor to those memorable moments you have captured. For instance, you can narrate what's on your mind or what you think someone else may be thinking -- giving each photo a personalized touch. Adding bubbles with romantic captions can also

How to Open PPS Files Without Powerpoint

A document with the extension ".PPS" is a finalized Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. These files are typically slide shows shared between friends via email. If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can still view the slide show by downloading Microsoft's free viewer. You canno

My "Crazy Machines 2" Is Not Responding

The "Crazy Machines 2" PC game is a construction-style strategy game. In this game you must create a machine or device that can move an object from one location to another. In the case that the application does not respond, you can repair it using manual procedures. If the game becomes unresponsive

How to Print CutePDFs

CutePDF Writer is a free application designed to create and print PDF files. It installs itself as a printer subsystem, and any Windows application that supports printing can use this software. To be able to print PDF files, you need to download the application to your computer.

The Essence of Defining Your CMMS Needs

The right CMMS will either make or break an organization. One way to ensure this does not happen is having your needs well defined, and well met by the program that you are considering going for. If you choose your CMMS wisely, it could mean reduced expenses and increased profit for your business.

How to Convert WMV to SMV

SigmaTel was instrumental in the development of portable media players such as the iPod Shuffle. They created the software architecture that processes the music and is the native format for iPod Shuffle music as well as many other media devices. Most modern music devices no longer use the SMV form

How to Install an EVO Motor Cam

The EVO is a smartphone made by HTC. To install EVO cam software for your computer, download a program designed for the purpose from various websites. Some applications are free, while others cost a small fee. This is a convenient way to get a camera on your computer if none other is available.

Technical Support Services for Energy Efficiency Projects

With the rise of clean technology companies across industries are looking for ways to curb their energy consumption costs, spending considerably to that end. Technical support companies are coming up with energy saving solutions to help businesses manage their power usage, leading to energy efficien

Multiple Accounts on Twitter

Most people using Twitter only have one account. They assume that further accounts are not allowed by the Twitter rules. To a certain degree they are right but it is possible to open multiple twitter

Alternatives to Windows Media Player

One size doesn't necessarily fit all. Windows Media Player, the default media playback program that comes with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, isn't the only media player on the block. There are many free alternatives, the best of which are highlighted here.

How to Notify of a Pending Post in WordPress

A WordPress blog has the ability to support multiple users who contribute content. This can allow a website to accumulate content quickly, but you may still want to have control over what is published and what does not. WordPress allows you to this as well, by making some users contributors who can

How to Clean Up Duplicate Files

Hard drives tend to gather duplicates and triplicates of files due to editing, copying and pasting, and other user actions. This takes up excess space on the hard drive and can lead to file confusion. Searching for and cleaning up duplicate files manually is too time-consuming for most people, espec