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Personal Injury Cases: Motorcycle Accidents

Majority of road accident cases today involve motorcycles and private vehicles like cars. State accident records show that 35% of road accidents involve motorcycles. This can be accounted to the fact that more and more people want to rush through traffic during the busy hours of the day.

The Hazards of Cocaine Abuse on the Highway

One drug that has become increasingly prevalent since the 1980s is cocaine, or crack-cocaine. Its effect on drivers can include a dangerous mixture of a loss of attentive behavior with a surging feeling of high-intensity energy. On highway systems that regularly trade off between quick-moving and tr

Reckless Drivers Affect Everyone

Often motorcyclists get pegged as reckless and dangerous drivers prone to weaving in and out of traffic. But the truth is that reckless driving is not limited to a specific type of vehicle or driver. A driver of a car or truck can also drive dangerously and recklessly. In fact, motorcycle riders are

Choosing the Right Attorney After Your Accident

If you have ever been in a car accident, then you know just how devastating it can be to absolutely every aspect of your life. In the blink of an eye, you can find yourself painfully injured, without a car, and unable to work. The financial and medical repercussions reach far beyond the split second

Go Back To Work On

From: New York attorney Gary E. Rosenberg (personal injury and accident attorney and lawyer; serving Brooklyn Queens Bronx; Queens Accident Attorney) What Can Go Wrong with a Return to Light Duty Work. The Case: "Mike" ...