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Entering the Kingdom

We've been talking about what living in God's kingdom looks like. That is, being a Jesus follower; believing in him and imitating him. So, how do I begin? You begin with faith.

Improve Your Results In One Easy Step

Do your results have the quality to match the amount of effort you invest? Would you like for your results to be better? Without spending a single dime, you can get better results by using this one simple but effective method.

Self Improvement is Raising Your Consciousness

Another cosmic gong has sounded heralding in a new paradigm of higher consciousness on Earth. Some call it change; but it is a call to higher consciousness on the inexorable path returning mankind to Conscious Oneness with Source.You can do it the hard way, kicking and screaming or you can do it wit

With Eyes Wide Open

"How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake and talking to one another in the waking state." Those were the words of the great thinker and philosopher, Plato and he did have a valid point there. And, so, this becomes t

Are You Stuck in Your Life?

Do you find yourself going around and around in your head, trying to figure things out but never taking the action you need to take? Do you believe if you read enough self-help books and take enough seminars you will find the answer?

You Have To Give The Lord Something To Work With

It is sad to say but a lot of people want the Lord to do things for them but they are not willing to do their part concerning their own desire. Yes we do have a part to play in the things that we want Him to do for us and if we would do our part then most assuredly, He will do His part. I remember s

How To Write A Resume

This article is all about how to write a resume. Let's imagine that you've just seen the ideal job and you WANT it, so a powerful, persuasive, professional resume is required. It's time to put ...

Soar To Freedom

Can you feel it? The freedom to live life as you choose? To make decisions based on your desires instead of necessity? The opportunity to live life to the fullest and experience all of the things that you thought were out of reach? Does this sound too good to be true? It's not!

The Man In The Sky

Who is this man in the sky? Knowing is half the battle. If you understand that God does not send all the bad things that happen to people and that He is able to forgive us for all of our sins, you will have the foundation to live a much better life.

The Reasons for Negative Emotions

In a another article, we reviewed the importance of recognizing negative emotions that hinder us on the road to success and goal achievement. These negative emotions of fear, jealousy or envy, inferiority, and anger can ...