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Differences Between Herring & Tomcod

The herring and cod are two fish belonging to the class of Actinopterygii, a bony, ray-finned fish. A species of cod is the tomcod. The herring and tomcod are caught, cooked and eaten by humans. Despite being in the same class, there are a few differences between them.

Definition of a Tacklebox

There are many things required for fishing, but no fisherman's gear is complete without a place to store and organize all his equipment. Tackle boxes are containers or bags designed with compartments and features to hold tackle, lures, hooks, line and other fishing equipment. A tackle box is the mos

How to Use Tip-Ups for Walleye

Walleye have a range throughout much of the Midwest and northeastern states. In winter, many anglers brave the cold and winds to head out to fish for these deep-dwelling fish. Using a tip-up, a form of balance rod, is a technique employed for winter-time walleye ice fishing. Set up your tip-up with

The Best Trout Fishing Spots in Washington County, Maryland

Washington County in western Maryland is a popular place for trout fishing image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.comMaryland's abundant rivers and lakes offer the recreational fisherman plenty. Washington County in western Maryland is a particularly popular place for trout...

How to Spool Open-Face Reels

Anglers commonly use open-face, or spinning, fishing reels. This type of reel hangs below the rod and is appropriate for casting, drifting or trolling. Available in a wide variety of sizes, open-face reels can catch species ranging from small freshwater fish to large saltwater varieties, using eithe

How to Hunt Deer With a Bow & Arrow

Preparation is as important as the hunt itself when it comes to successfully hunting and killing a deer with a bow and arrow. While some lucky hunters simply go into the woods, climb into a tree and arrow an animal that walks by, most take several steps to increase their odds of success. And when ev

Florida Bass Information

Although the smallmouth bass does not occur in Florida, according to the Bass Fishing Florida website, several other species of black bass do. These game fish provide anglers with plenty of action in the various lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and coastal sections of the Sunshine State.

How to Make a Line on InDesign

InDesign is a premiere graphics software product, used by advertising agencies, printers, designers and other creative professionals. It lets you integrate type, photographs and other graphic elements to produce printer- or online-ready files for publication. Adding a graphic element, such as a line

What Are Planer Bobbers?

A boat with a planing hull has a relatively flat bottom and skips across the water, like a flat rock bouncing across water when thrown. This skipping motion is called planing. A planer bobber is shaped like a boat with a planing hull, rather than round a conventional bobber. As you reel in a planer

How to Catch Fish With Shad

Shad are small bait fish similar to minnows and shiners but larger in size. Full-sized shad can measure more than a foot long, but most are around 6 to 10 inches long. Shad are popular as live bait in the southern U.S. because of their abundance in rivers, streams and lakes. As with other bait fish,

How to Rig a Fishing Pole for Trout

Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, knowing how to rig your fishing pole properly for trout will help you be successful at catching them. Trout are aggressive predators but can easily be spooked if you're using the wrong type of equipment to fish for them. Using the correct ba

Homemade Hoop Fish Nets

Hoop fish nets come in sizes ranging from very small (for aquarium use) to quite large (for outdoor or ocean fishing use). When used in fishing, a hoop net is usually needed to secure a fish as it is brought up out of the water. Making homemade hoop fish nets is relatively easy and can be a fun acti

How to Make a Fluid Bed for Powder Painting Fishing Lures

Customize your own fishing lures using a fluid bed for powder painting. A fluid bed consists of a small reservoir that holds fluidized powder. Fluid beds work by circulating air through the fluid to keep an even consistency of powder. This allows the powder coating process to be even. Fishing lures

What to Use on Rubber Fishing Worms for Preservation?

Fishing with rubber baits is a very effective way of catching big fish; however, rubber baits require some maintenance to keep them in optimal fishing condition. Many times they dry out and become brittle, while other times they melt in your tackle box, creating a big mess. But with some helpful ti

How to Hook Chunk Bait

Striped bass and other saltwater game fish often prefer large pieces of fresh bait as food. Cutting a fish such as a menhaden, mackerel, herring or anchovy into large pieces and placing them on a hook is referred to as chunking. A specific type of hook is used by some anglers to help hold the chunk

How to Construct a Lobster Trap

The lobster trap has been essential to the livelihood of many men and women around the coastal world for many years. Usually homemade or made by local fisherman, the lobster trap is placed along the sea floor with a piece of bait inside to entice the creatures. The design of the trap makes it easy

How to Rig a Flasher on a Downrigger

Trolling with flashers is a productive method of fishing. The flasher is a silver piece of metal or plastic that swims and reflects light in the water. The flasher is designed to attract fish from a distance. Rigging the flasher with a downrigger allows you to control the depth of the flasher and lu

Dangers Facing Coral Reefs

There are a number of dangers facing coral reefs. Much of these are caused by the actions of humans and have increased significantly since the onset of industrialization. In addition to direct interaction with the reefs, much of the activities conducted by man on a worldwide scale eventually make th

How To Catch Your Next Big Fish

The sound of the loons on the water, the waves lapping at your boat, or even the frogs in the reeds, are all relaxing to hear. The sound of disappointed fishermen who come home without ...

How to Make Chum Crab Bait

You've probably seen nature shows where people bait large sharks with cut up pieces of fish called "chum." Not only does this method of attracting fish work for sharks, it works for many different sea creatures, including crabs. With the right chum, you'll draw out many crabs, and because