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Why Camping With Kids Is Fun

Camping with kids can be quite challenging as well. When the restrictive nature of urban homes is not able to contain the effervescence of childhood, imagine what letting them loose in the great outdoors can do to them. Before you start out, ensure you have a set of rules framed and explained and ma

How to Clean a Class C Motor Home Toilet Tank

The main difference between a Class A and C motor home, or RV, is the design. An A Class motor home is one long unit where the cabin and engine are built into one piece. A C Class motor home has a cutout shape that allows it to be secured on a truck or van chassis. Some Class C models can be secured

Benefits of Down Sleeping Bags

If we go by the definition of a down sleeping bag then it is basically a protective bag for a person to sleep in. It looks more like a blanket with a zipper and a person can pack himself in it in order to sleep. It is basically used in situations or condition wherein a person can not carry a normal

Why You Should Plan Your Camping Vacation in Advance

Are you interested in taking a camping vacation with your romantic partner, your friends, or your family?If you are, have you already started planning your camping vacation?If you have yet to start pl

The essential Hiking and Camping Equipments

This article features different equipments one should carry while going for hiking and camping expeditions. It also shows how these activities can help the individuals to attain healthy options to sus

The Campfire Is Excellent for Warmth, Light and Cooking

The campfire gives warmth, light and the ability to cook food and is an excellent survival technique. It can be organized as a fire ring or it can be constructed by hand and when made large in size it can also be known as a bonfire. The ground or bare rock is the ideal fire site and the campfire&apo

Different Ideas to Make Torches in the Wild

Many people find light hard to come by in a wilderness survival situation. Fire provides light at a base camp, but you must make torches if you're engaging in any type of movement at night. Only a few practical routes exist to creating a wilderness torch, but mastering the techniques often provides

How Attending a Boys' Summer Camp Helps to Build Strength of Character

Sports build character. This adage is true and we all know this. Then it follows that any type of summer camp for boys located in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, be it canoe camp for boys, adventure summer camps, or overnight summer camps, they all go together to build physical strength as well as

Southern California Beach Camping

Southern California offers the best beach camping in the United States. The mild temperatures and abundant sun offer an ideal setting for outdoor activities, and the Southern California shore line offers a place for family and friends.

How to Start a Creature Campaign on "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones"

The unlockable creature campaign in Nintendo's "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones" consists of two expansive, multilevel dungeons: the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins. In each dungeon, players must battle and defeat successive, increasingly challenging waves of enemies to unlock bonus items and add

Camp Chair - Look at the Crazy Creek

If you are an experienced camper then you know the value of a sturdy, durable camp chair. You don't want to worry about ripping the material even if you weigh a little more than the rated weight capacity. Below are some descriptions about a couple different aspects of the chair you might not ha

If I Come Across A Skunk, Will I Get Sprayed?

If you're not familiar with skunks (or the outdoors for that matter), you may wonder if simply coming across a skunk will be enough to provoke the skunk into spraying you with it's foul smelling ...

Camping Gear For A Great Camping Experience

Camping is still one of the most exciting out door activity we can have. In fact people who are fund of this are not only those that live near a forest even those lives in ...

Camping Experiences Are Good For the Family

Camping with the family can be the most exciting, learning, enjoyable experience. It can bring a family closer together and there is nothing more relaxing as getting outdoors in clean, fresh air to bring relaxation to everyone.

Electronic Ignition Versus Matches

Many people enjoy the conveniences of modern technology, while some prefer to stick to simpler things from a simpler time. While still others like the modern technology that has a backup plan.