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Praying Effectively - Understanding How To Pray Part 2

Learn how to apply the Word of God in your prayer life. Praying effectively will not only increase your relationship with God, but also bring in rich blessings in your daily life. Once you understand the simple concept of prayer, you will become a mighty prayer warrior God can and will use in His ki

Do Babies go to Heaven?

This is often a concern especially of parents that have lost a child. They realize that to go to heaven you must make a conscious decision accepting Jesus Christ. So what about the child that ...

Pessach - You Da Man!

One might wonder why what is likely to be the most widely observed Jewish holiday is called Pessach (Passover) when just about every reference to the holiday throughout the Jewish Bible calls the holiday Chag HaMatzot (literally the Holiday of the Matzahs). Why do we need two names for the holiday w

Being First Means Being Last

Everyone likes winning or being first, but no one likes being last or losing.Jesus said that anyone who wants to be first in God's Kingdom must be last on earth by serving everyone, including the less fortunate.

Word Of God

I remember the lord saying to me one day, "why don't you just walk in your authority instead of trying to take authority?" when I come into my office here, everybody knows who I am. I know i'm the president. They know i'm the president. So, I don't have to walk in and s

CHRIST empathize

(Hebrews 4:15)We know all that live in this world is not always fun, even just the suffering that we experience more than pleasure. Poverty, disease, tap life and various other issue has dragged us in

Congratulations! You’Ve Won!

One of the many challenges my wife and I face with raising boys is motivating them to keep their rooms clean. Our youngest son Jordan is particularly challenged in this area. No matter how thourough ...

A Bridge to Somewhere

Clearly, the days of profligate spending are over. But that doesn't mean we won't spend at all in the next few months and years. It's just that we will spend more wisely now. Just like ...

Calvinism Predestination

Calvinism's predestination doctrine teaches that God predestines individuals for heaven or hell through an "unconditional election" process. In other words, God chooses to create some people who are predestined to go to heaven, and He ...

Christian Antithesis

The church will grow in faith and in numbers when it is seen as a viable option to the ways of the world. It will grow by differentiating itself from the world, not by trying to integrate itself into the world, or by trying to grow on a foundation of worldliness.

Hey I Am A Christian: What Do I Do With My Slave?

Most of the liberation theologians do consider the act of enslaving a person to be the most heinous sin which needs powerful political liberation. But truly speaking, from the biblical point of view, what is the benefit of such liberation? Will it earn a person eternal life? Certainly not.It is very

Simple Church - How to Meet Under the Headship of Christ

When the Holy Spirit is directing the open meeting, the content and context of the meeting will flow naturally. Therefore, during the meeting it is very important to have the mind of the Spirit and seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit (Rom. 8:27; Eph. 4:3). Because of the casual atmosphere, a Ho

What Are Jainism's Main Beliefs?

Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India, predating recorded history and independent from any other system of Indian philosophy. First preached by Lord Parshva, around 950 to 850 B.C.E., Jainism teaches that the aim of life is to attain liberation of the soul. This can only be achieved by liv

How Will You Cope on the Day of the LORD?

The Day of the LORD is coming really soon and all the signs of the times are pointing that way. On that Day when Revelation is being outpoured, will you be hidden from the LORD's wrath or won't you? Zephaniah holds the key and what you need to do right now to be ready so you'll hidden