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Social Signals and SERPs

One of the emerging SEO strategies is the inclusion of social media in the marketing campaign. If you want your online business to rank well in SERPs, paying attention to your social signals - the number and relevance of your Twitter followers and the amount of Likes, Shares and Comments you get on

Bridging The Branding Gap - The Importance Of Social Media

Large companies, especially those who are in the public eye, should consider avenues when collating the views of their target market. Prototyping and focus groups have been used for decades to decide on a new brand idea but the past few years have seen a new way a passing ideas back and forth betwee

Cyber Vandals and Social Networking

Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are powerful business building tools that allow you to build your business locally or internationally. Sadly, they have also opened up a new market channel for hackers. Both Twitter and Facebook have been hacked repeatedly during the past year. To the best of m

Facebook Business Marketing - 5 Steps to Successful Facebook Marketing

The once social networking sites for only college students has turned into a billion dollar online empire with over 400 million users. Facebook is becoming bigger than Google and no one can stop it! With a 145% growth rate in 2009 more people spend time on Facebook than on any other website in the w

How To Make Facebook Applications

So you want to know how to make a Facebook application, huh? Well it is actually easier than it looks, believe it or not. I remember that first night when I decided to jump into the Facebook "Apps" world, a world I was not familiar with. I clearly remember how intimidating it was at first

How Smart Companies Use Social Marketing For SMO

Smart companies use social media in many ways to give themselves a competitive advantage. Learn how companies like Starbucks, P&G, Nike, and Levi are using social media and how you can use social media to achieve your company goals as well.

Getting Paid to Participate Online

Getting paid for online participation is a legitimate program which pays its registered members for participating in various activities of their site. One cannot expect to make huge money from these programs but it's a good way to earn a passive income for enjoying participation in social media

Social Media Strategy - Publish Or Perish

One of the biggest challenge companies face today in deploying an effective Social Media strategy is having a strategy at all. Companies are usually prepared to talk about the benefits of their company, services or products but they aren't necessarily comfortable with the concept of sharing and

Once More With Feeling: Why Social Media Isn't a Numbers Game, But Kind of Is

I recently spoke at a conference on social media in Europe, and after one of my presentations, I was politely reminded that simply giving pageview or impression statistics as a measure of the success of a social media campaign is kind of missing the point. I did not disagree. I had, in fact, mention

Problems With Using Social Media for Group Messaging

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made keeping in touch easier than ever before. While these tools certainly have a place with those who need to keep in touch with a group, there are some problems with them. Because of these problems, it is not a good idea to use social media as y

Tips For Network Marketing - Get Over the No's

No matter how long and hard we try at Network Marketing, and no matter how fast we become leveraged and start making big money, there are always times, even with the top producers, that we take a hit in the gut and hear the word "No". As a matter of fact, if you think back on how many time

Facebook and Community Network Marketing

Using Facebook in the proper way, you will absolutely be able to successfully market your website and or create brand awareness. With over 62 million subscribers from all over the planet, you will see that this web property is truly the online marketer's dream come true.

Twitter For Business

So you're a new or existing marketer and you've been hearing the buzz about this new social networking site, Twitter. Well I say social networking site, that's what it started off as. Little did the guys at Odeo know that this idea they had for an SMS service which would allow for sho

Social Bookmarking - Traffic Generator Or Time Waster?

Social bookmarking: You've heard a lot about it... and maybe you've even tried it yourself a time or two.But either way, you've come to the conclusion that it's a waste of time.And yet you keep hearing the gurus brag about how much traffic they get from these sites.They talk abou

Twitter - Tweet For Fun - Tweet For Profit

We have many tools that are available to us that enable us to go out and make a difference. Most are a lot of work, but some are fun. One such tool that is sweeping the world is twitter. Some say twitter is the epitome of micro-blogging, that twitter represents the larger reality in a small space.

Social Media Strategies - Twitter Knowledge Required

Companies are beginning to post knowledge of Twitter as a requirement for positions they are hiring for. When the electronics chain store Best Buy in Richfield, MN, posted a job a job for a senior manager in emerging media marketing, plenty of attention was shifted towards new age job requirements.

Social Media and Your Internet Marketing Audience

Technology advancements are making the options for marketing numerous but frequently ignore customer trends regarding the reception and effectiveness of new marketing strategies. Paying attention to your target audience requires more than following business advice about the latest and greatest socia

Social Media Marketing - It's All About Interaction

To interact effectively with others on social media you have first got to identify who you want to network with. Who do you want to be your friends on social media networks. Only invite folks to be your friends that you truly want to build relationships with.

Social Media Marketing & the Start-Up Business

The start-up business needs to get the word out on what they do as quickly as possible so in today's market we have to explore tools that will expedite our efforts and reduce our cost. We are finding today that the traditional style of marketing in print media is rapidly fading into the sunset.