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Murder in Miniature by Margaret Grace

This is Camille Minichino's first release under the pen name Margaret Grace, in a new series in the world of miniature dollhouses.It's a delightful read, with a great pace and wonderful characters.Grace incorporates cerebral humor and wit with murder.

Teckno Comixs - What Went Wrong

The Tekno Comix company was founded by Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein as a division of their publicly traded company, Big Entertainment.The Tekno Comix brand was discontinued in 1997.

Book Review:Robber's Wine

One could say that Belle Dumont's family skeletons were buried so deep in the proverbial closet that one might see a bony hand slip underneath the door and drag Belle inside, lest any dark secrets concerning the Dumont's genealogical line and questionable acquisition of wealth be revealed.

Best Selling Author Tami Hoag - Author Biographies

As a child Tami was a "typical horse-crazy little girl."After begging for a horse, her parents bought her a Shetland pony named Dan.Tami says "Dan taught me responsibility, compassion and sportsmanship." Today, Tami owns several horses, is a skilled equestrian and competes profes

Aaron Wall SEO Book Review

SEO book is a guide by search engine optimization expert Aaron Wall that teaches the fundamentals and best practices of SEO. Aaron is well recognized for his work on search engine optimization and his SEO book provides an easy to understand guide on how achieve better search engine ranking for your

There Is A Place Called Hell And It Really Exists

This e-book is an account given by a man called Bill Wiese who was taken from his bedroom during the middle of the night and sent into Hell. He describes the awful experience it was, who resides there, where it is located, who gets sent to this place but also offers hope on how to avoid condemnation

Human Anatomy Study Guide - Do You Need One?

Using a human physiology study guide which can help you learn through tutorials and special learning modules may seem a bit mundane when compared with learning in a traditional classroom. However, consider the fact that the majority of students and even professionals who sign up for human anatomy co

When it Comes to Westerns There is No One Quite Like Louis L'Amour

We all have our favorite authors in the various genres that we read, so I suppose it goes without saying that I have my own just like you. Now, then, I do not go around recommending books to read without being asked, however, I do have one I think you should read. The book is called: "Conagher&

Novel Portrays How Science Can Reveal What We Instinctively Know

Ray Melnik's second novel, "To Your Own Self Be True" recaptures the success of his first book "The Room." Set in 2021, the main character, Kaela, is the daughter of Harry Ladd, main character in "The Room." Kaela has always wondered whether the extraordinary event

Why We Love Gatsby

What is it about The Great Gatsby that so captures the imagination? It's more than the writing style that makes F. Scott Fitzgerald's book a classic of the English language.

Book Review - The Get Rich Quick Club by Dan Gutman

Want to teach your kids some basic lessons in economics. Have them read The Get Rich Quick Club by Dan Gutman and next thing you know they will be operating an at-home business and generating P&L statements.

Sectarian Song: Cult Escapist

Sectarian Song is the compelling and often horrifying true story of one man's lost childhood in one of the most controversial religious sects in modern American history, the Nation of Yahweh. From its shocking opening ...

Make Money Selling Your Writing - A Book Review

The author suggests making $2000 a week is very easy as a writer and it will add excellent lifestyle benefits to you and your family. He suggests it's the best profession in the world because it is good money and you can work on your schedule. Plus, he states that there is a variety of work out

Book Review - The Rowan

When a mudslide overwhelms the Rowan mining settlement, the only survivor is a three year old girl whose psychic powers alert everyone on her moon to the fact that she is trapped in a mud-covered skiff alone. Ann McCaffrey's novel, The Rowan, follows the growing up of a unique and powerful chil

One Second After - A Book of Surviving an EMP

One second after is a book by William R. Forstchen about the aftermath of a nuclear bomb being detonated over the United States causing a massive EMP that takes out the power grid. It all starts with the main character John Matherson after all power goes out in a small town.

Hardball For Women by Pat Heim

This book deals with how and why the two genders are different and how to make the best of these differences. It also shows women how to focus on success and how to be forceful without being overly aggressive.