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Pet Insurance and Lick Granulomas

Pet insurance can protect you financially if your dog develops a skin condition such as Lick Granulomas. Dogs can suffer from various skin conditions with a range of psychological and physical causes,

Are Homemade Dog Food Recipes Safe?

Is it safe to feed your dog homemade dog food recipes []? Most people don't do this, preferring to buy commercial dog food from the grocery stores. The labels and packaging claim that the dog ...

Dwarf Hamster Illnesses (Part Three)

A sick hamster may have internal parasites; there are two kinds of internal parasites. Pin-worms usually not harmful and you can see this worm in their droppings they have a banana shape appearance.

Most Common Cat Health Problems

To some pet owners their cat is just as important to them as a child. As a cat owner it is very important to know as much as you can about your pet. This is why it is good to be familiar with some common cat health problems.

Useful Leash Training Guidelines For Beneficial Labrador Retriever Training

Leash training a labrador retriever can be a very tiresome and difficult task. But, it is really sensible that you make leash training an important part of your labrador retriever training programs. Fortunately, there is a bunch of useful labrador retriever training tools and information to choose f

How Are Reptiles Important to Humans?

Reptiles represent some of the oldest living species on the planet, having existed in many different forms for millions of years. Known for being cold-blooded creatures whose bodies are covered in dry, horny scales, reptiles typically are not considered to be of great significance, but the reptile s

Information About Animal Abuse

Animal abuse comes in all forms, from physical abuse to simple neglect. Both intentional/malicious abuse and neglect or passive abuse may be tough to spot as laws defining what constitutes animal abuse can be vague and differ from municipality to municipality. Before you report abuse, you must eval

Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Dog

Adopting a new dog can be exciting; maybe the children love dogs and the new pet would keep them company, or perhaps you are a single person looking for a companion. Unfortunately, many people do not carefully consider their options before they jump into adopting a dog. There are various important q

10 Minutes to Train Your Cat

If you have a cat - or more than one cat - then this article is perfect for you. Why, because it gives you some quick and easy cat training tips. Not only that, these tips will no doubt trigger some i

What to Do When a Horse Tries to Buck

Anyone who has seen a rodeo is familiar with a bucking horse. Bucking is when the horse lowers his head and raises his hindquarters into the air. Horses generally also kick with their hind legs, and will often spin around as they buck. Bucking is a survival technique dating back to when most horses

Why You Should Adopt A Dog

Dog adoption is made easy through the countless animal welfare organizations and animal shelters existing in every city across the United States. With literally thousands of adoptable dogs listed, a prospective dog owner can select to adopt a dog that needs a wonderful family to go to and be loved.

Dog Training Tips

Here are a few pointers of how to raise your puppy the proper way and a few training tips

The Problems Associated With Bathing Your Dog

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t dexterous enough to wash their own hair – let alone walk themselves down to the shops and make an over the counter purchase or buy dog shampoo online.

Which to Choose - a Small or Large Aquarium

Most aquarists are dictated to by circumstance. There is a really big aquarium, at a really good price, but one rather definite problem, and that is there's nowhere to put it. So a smaller aquarium is

Tips For Raising Happy Chickens

If you are currently or plan to raise chickens then this article will give you some great tips on how to raise happy chickens.

Field Guide to Identifying Insects

Scientists have identified more than one million insects in the world, but this number could barely scratch the surface of how many insect species actually exist. Because there are so many species, it is no easy task to identify insects and other small arthropods like spiders. Scientists and amateur

The Basics Of Dog Leash Training

It is a wonderfull experience getting a new mate in your home - a puppy. However, it comes with certain responsibilities and duties for you, not only joy. First, your puppy should be trained well. Dog leash training is one of the most basic parts of dog training.