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Equine Therapy & Volunteers

Equine therapy involves riding horses to improve one's physical, mental or emotional health. While many believe that equine therapy is only for physically disabled individuals, anyone from a recovering addict to a child with low self-esteem can benefit from equine therapy. Volunteers are an integral

Hay Keeper

A Hay Keeper is fantastic for feeding your horses. A benefit includes reducing waste through spillage.

How to Train a Miniature Horse Foal

Miniature horses might be tiny and adorable, but they need training and socialization just as much as their larger counterparts. Despite their diminutive size, miniature horses are quite strong and even a young foal can quickly become a handful if it is not trained properly from the start. Taking th

How to Build a Shed for Cows

Cows are tough, hardy animals and don't require much shelter from the elements other than natural shelters, such as trees. For cows in harsh climates, a simple three-sided shed can be built for them. Cows used for show purposes require shelter to keep their coats clean and shiny. Build a shed for co

How to Feed Rice Bran to an Underweight Horse

Rice bran is a byproduct of milling rice. Often, parts of the endosperm and germ protein of the rice kernel are retained in the rice bran. It is a popular supplemental feed for underweight horses because it contains 20 percent fat and plenty of iron and vitamin E. Starch composes 65 percent of rice

How Do I Know What Western Saddle Size Fits Me?

Western saddles can be quite costly, so before you buy one you need to make sure it fits both your body and your horse's body. If the saddle does not fit your horse properly, he may develop back problems and become cranky and unwilling to be ridden. If the saddle does not fit your body properly, you

How to Solve a Barn-Sour Horse Problem

If you are dealing with a barn-sour horse, one that does not want to leave the barn or that wants to rush back to the barn after a ride, you know that it's no fun and can be dangerous. However, you don't need to be stuck with this misbehavior forever. With plenty of patience and perseverance, you ca

How to Replace a Riding Crop

Horseback riding is a sport made up of many disciplines that all require a wide variety of tools. Over time, those items may wear out, break or simply become lost. Replacing equipment like saddles, bridles, bits and reins require a good bit of research and work. Other tools, such as riding crops and

Equine Influenza Treatment

Equine influenza is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. The infection can cause many symptoms. Although there is no treatment to rid the horse of the virus, the treatment of influenza is designed to manage the symptoms until the virus runs its course.

How to Make a Homemade Thrush Treatment for Your Horse

If your horse has a thrush infection, you will usually notice the odor first. A closer inspection will reveal a black, oozing discharge, or perhaps just the beginnings of it, noted by some blackness in the grooves around the frog. This is an infection -- in fact, the Clyde Vet Group Equine Hospital'