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Tropical Fish Tank Supplies

There are so many different types of tropical fish tank supplies out there that it can be daunting when begin your own tank. Knowing what to purchase is essential before you start buying anything. Some of these supplies are a necessity while others simply make your tank look a lot nicer. This articl

How to Manage a Cloudy Salt Water Tank

In this piece of writing, we are on the subject of investigating what prompted water in the salt water tank to turn cloudy and a little bit misty. At the end of this small discussion, I hope you will be capable to find out the tips and things that you have to learn by heart.

How to Build Egg Tumblers

There is a school of thought that the best way to raise fish eggs and larvae in captivity is to strip them from the holding female (vernacular for mother) and place them in an egg tumbler. An egg tumbler is a container that gently stirs the fish eggs and larvae, which is simply a reenactment of wha

Guide In Cleaning Your Fish Aquarium

Cleaning an aquarium may require a little effort but worth it in the long run. The aquarium as the fish home has to be a safe place to grow and reside with. Your fish would always love to have a clean and tidy space to live in.

What Are the Most Important Tropical Fish Supplies?

Finding the right tropical fish supplies for your aquarium can be a challenging aspect for many. However, when it comes to getting the basics, it's important to know what you're doing. One of the most enthralling and intimidating aspects of tank keeping is that you are keeping a constantly

Setting Up a Tropical Wall Aquarium

Aquariums have been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. As an added bonus, fish-keeping as a hobby is absorbing and calming for even the youngest members of the family.

How to Make a DIY CO2 Reactor For an Aquarium

The addition of CO2 into a fish tank allows hobbyists to grow an assortment of beautiful plants in the aquarium. Unfortunately, store-bought, pressurized, CO2 injection can be very expensive and complicated to set up. Adding your own homemade CO2 reactor to an aquarium requires very little cost to b

Building Aquariums

Things You'll NeedTo begin building an aquarium, you will need single-edged razor blades for cutting your materials. You also will need acetone, a non-toxic sealer made out of silicone, a roll of paper towels and some felt-tip markers, duct tape and either an emory board or some sandpaper...

How to Set Up Empathy on Ubuntu

The latest Ubuntu releases come with the Empathy instant messaging client pre-installed and configured. With Empathy, you can chat with contacts on 18 different messaging services as of the date of publication, including Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN and Facebook. Before you can start chatting, you need

Fish Lice Prevention Treatment

It doesn't come from sharing hats or having heads too close together. And the school nurse won't be sending anyone home because of them ... but fish lice poses a serious problem for pet fish and even fish in the wild. How can you help your scaled friends from getting lice? It's easy.

Diseases Associated With Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater fish can develop a number of image by cherie from Fotolia.comSaltwater fish, just like any kind of pet, can contract different illnesses. Diseases can be caused by parasites, bacteria or fungus and can threaten the lives of your fish. Knowing the different types of...

Tips on Kuhli Loach Care

Kuhli loaches have elongated eel-like, scale-less bodies. They commonly have alternating light and dark color bands circling the length of their bodies. The combination of shape and color bands make them resemble a snake more than a fish. They slither along the bottom of an aquarium much like a snak

How to Farm Tuna Fish

Fish farming is gaining popularity as a way to save endangered species of fish, particularly the blue fin tuna. Farming carnivorous fish such as salmon and tuna is less efficient than raising omnivorous fish such as tilapia. The increasing demand for the more popular carnivorous species has made fa

Types of Betta Fish

Betta fighting fish are an easy to care for fish that can live in small glass bowls. Because the fish do not require extensive aquarium housing, they are a suitable pet for small spaces and younger children. Choosing a Betta involves deciding which type of Betta you prefer. Both fresh and salt water

The Evolution of Betta Splendens

The gorgeous array of colours that Bettas have now were non existent when the species was first found. It is believed that at least since the 1300's during the Sukhothai period, the people of Siam or Thailand as it is known today, had beensolely interested in these fish for their aggressive nat

Top Tips on Caring For Koi Fish

The second tip is another one of those common sense rules of thumb that come with being a responsible pet owner. It's your job to make sure that the koi are receiving a balanced diet. You can purchase koi pellets with a range of benefits to ensure your fish are healthy.

Fish With Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder disease occurs when the gas-filled sac located toward a fish's tail, called a swim bladder, is compromised by stomach distention, a bacterial infection or some trauma. Certain round-bodied fish are especially prone to swim bladder disease. There are a few options for treatment and preve

What to Do With Freshwater Fish Tank Aquarium When on Vacation

Many aquarists worry about how their freshwater aquarium will survive if they go on vacation. Having tropical freshwater fish tanks is supposed to add to your fun, not spoil it! Of course, I am not advocating to continually leave your fish tank aquariums - there is a responsibility attached to all p