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Are You Interested In Breeding Zebra Finches?

Zebra Finches are easy to care for and that includes when they are breeding. The little birds are great pets due their quirky little personalities, and they are one of the easiest types of finches to breed. It has been said that they will even help to rear the young of other finches like rare types

Rhode Island

Photo gallery of all 50 state birds, including when and why each bird was officially adopted, what states share the same birds and information about seeing your state's bird.

10 Popular Birds of 2011

Details about the top 10 bird species profiles of 2011. Includes brief bird descriptions and links to full profiles for each of the top birds.

Important Poultry Diseases

Poultry farming is a method that involve breading and rearing of chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other such birds with a purpose of obtaining eggs and meat for food. Poultry is considered an important source of the animal protein throughout the globe and are considered the most intensive species for r

How Is a Raven Different From a Crow?

The American crow and common raven both belong to the corvus genus of the corvidae family. This makes both species closely related and means they share many common traits and look similar in appearance. Even so, the two birds are distinct species and have just as many differences that help identify

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

The jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge system, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Alamo, Texas offers superior opportunities for birding in diverse habitats, including elevated options for canopy observations.

Texas Bird Rescue Law

In Texas, be cautious about the way you approach bird rescue, which is regulated by state and federal laws, including the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Bird rescue is handled by professionals and licensed organizations. Laws regarding the handling of birds apply to a range of interested parties, fro

A Good Bird Cage Makes Your Bird Happy And Healthy

Are you a bird lover? Have you ever thought that why your bird is not happy in the cage provided by you? There are many people who are puzzled why their bird is not happy and healthy. Well surroundings and environment plays an important role in that. If you want to see your bird happily chirping wit

How to Build a Budgie Flight Cage

Flight cages are large cages that allow the inhabitants of the cages to have room to move about and stretch their wings. The construction of flight cages is generally lightweight wire mesh, so you can suspend them from the ceiling or contain them on another structure that lifts the cage from the gro

Myna Bird Diet

Mynah birds can only thrive on a proper diet, one that is low in iron. Unlike most other birds kept as pets, they are not seed eaters. The bulk of a pet mynah's diet should come from manufactured pellets made specifically for mynahs and other soft-billed birds, with other elements added for variety.

Liver Failure Symptoms in Parrots

Liver failure in parrots is often caused by liver disease, a slow, ongoing process where the liver is replaced by fats. Pay close attention to your parrot to watch for symptoms if you expect liver failure may be in her future. Otherwise, you might just miss the signs.

How to Get Stars on "Angry Birds" for iPhone

"Angry Birds" is the most successful game on the iPhone for the year 2010, having been downloaded over 150 million times. It is a physics-based destruction game in which players shoot different types of birds from a slingshot in order to kill all of the pigs in each level. Your progress an

The Gouldain Finch Is a Popular Choice for a Pet

If you are thinking about getting a pet bird the gouldain finch is a popular choice. This little finch has vivid and beautiful colors and is only about five inches long when completely mature.

Keeping Budgerigars - One Of Each Sex

Keeping 2 budgies is always beneficial to the birds themselves, although it may make it harder for you to tame them. If you want to tame them and you have 2, then it's best to have 2 males. If you really want to keep 2 birds then 2 males are the best option, as they will rarely bicker and fight

How to Raise Chicks in a Cardboard Box

A cardboard box can provide a comfortable home for chicks. The box serves as a brooder, a place to keep the chicks warm until they reach approximately 6 weeks old. At that age, chicks usually have feathers and don’t require supplemental heat. Cardboard box brooders are used inside sheds, garag