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About the 1% Transaction Tax

Many emails have circulated regarding the so-called 1 Percent Transaction Tax. Many people have used the emails naming various major political players as supporters to incite indignation and upset. However, the reality of the 1 percent transaction tax is tamer than portrayed due to the lack of suppo

What Are the Rules for 401k Accounts?

A 401k plan is regulated by the Internal Revenue Service's Section Code 401(k). Under these provisions and regulations, employers are able to set up a retirement savings account on behalf of employees. The employees are allowed to make contributions and employers can elect to add to...

Housing Assistance in California

Most housing assistance in California comes in the form of rental assistance. According to data compiled by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), market rate rent for most apartments in California increased 56 percent between 2000 and 2010. In Los Angeles County, the increase -- 77 perc

How to Contact GST in Canada

As of 2010, the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 5% sales tax administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that is applied to most goods and services. Individuals may wish to contact the CRA regarding GST refunds, credits and current rates; businesses may wish to contact the CRA regardi

About Mortgage Grants for Single Mothers

Government grants are financial assistance to communities, organizations, and individuals that present reasonable arguments for funding. From education to community development to low-income housing, government aid has for decades provided subsidies to improve the welfare of many American citizens.

Scholarships & Grants for Ministers

Students who want to become ministers shouldn't have a problem finding financial assistance for their pastoral studies. That's because scholarships and grants to pay for college are plentiful for ministerial students. The best sources for free money are the churches themselves which often provide jo

How Safe Are Swiss Bank Accounts?

Opening a bank account in Switzerland has the advantages of financial privacy and asset protection. Also tax evasion in Switzerland is not a criminal felony as it is in the United States and those found committing this crime will only face a civil monetary penalty. Finally, Switzerland will not help

Advice on Lease Extensions

Those who are interested in formalising a lease extension need to ensure that they are paying the current market price for extending the expired or soon to expire initial rental agreement. A lease extension contract ...

How to Rent A Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a good idea for storing valuables or important documents away from your home or office. Safe deposit boxes can be rented at banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. While they aren't a 100% guarantee that your items will be safe from harm, they are generally locat

How to Find Free Money To Pay a Overdue Mortgage

Financial trouble is hard on a family, even more so if they lose their home. Many states in the US have programs to helps families with mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure. While each state has different organizations working with such programs their are ways to find out were to go where you liv

Tips How to Choose a Right Financial Advisor

Finding a good advisor is not a simple task, invest time and do not choose the first available person. A good advisor can save and make you a lot of money, while a bad one ...

How to Sell Gold Jewelry in Austin, Texas

When gold prices are high, we live in what seems to be a modern era gold rush. The only difference is that instead of heading for the hills with picks and shovels, we open up our jewelry boxes and cash in on the high price of gold. When gold is at a high price, people take advantage by selling gold

College Funding Scholarships or Grants for Disabled Veterans

A variety of scholarships and grants are available to former military personnel who are disabled. Some scholarships are also extended to family members of disabled veterans, such as dependent children and spouses. While national organizations offer scholarships to students throughout the United Stat

Fiduciary for a Social Security Disability Recipient

Many people receiving Social Security disability have difficulty handling their own financial affairs. Their disability may cause them a mental or physical impairment that prevents them from handling money, bills, contracts and basic communication with anyone with whom they do business. In these cas

A guide to debt consolidation

If you want to make your debts easier to manage, and make sure you have enough money set aside on a monthly basis for unexpected costs, then a debt consolidation loan could be the right ...

How to Claim an American Express Annuity

American Express provided annuities via its IDS Insurance subsidiary for many years. On August 1, 2005, American Express spun off its insurance and investment services as Ameriprise Financial. Annuities bearing the American Express, RiverSource Life or IDS Life brand-names are now serviced via Ame

How to File a LLC Resolution to Close a Bank Account

Banks who hold LLC accounts often ask for authorization to make changes to an account. When opening an account, the bank will ask for LLC papers, business permits and a document called a resolution signed by all the LLC members declaring they want to open the account. Closing an account is simpler b

Spendone Visa Debit Cards

The internet has become the shopping center of the future, and more and more people are getting their essentials online because of the convenience as well as, the better deals they can get. When it ...