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Retinal Detachment

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of retinal detachment, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Children’s Vision and Eye Care Basics

Routine eye exams play an important role in maintaining your child’s eye health. Learn how eye exams can detect vision problems and help protect your child’s eye health.

Top 10 Eye Care Tips

Eyes are considered as the most important human organ as these can express emotions. Even though a person lacks the ability to talk, they eyes can speak for himself. Taking care of this special organ is indeed a must. Here are to 10 tips that can help you take care of your eyes and to prevent it fro

Home Remedies for Chronic Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eyes, also called dry eye syndrome, can cause itching and burning in the eyes and inflamed skin tissue. Your climate, age and lifestyle can all contribute to dry eyes. Sometimes you will need the assistance of an eye doctor, but you can often help your eyes using only home remedies.

Haven' t Seen The Eye Doctor In A While? Not A Good Idea

If you're anything like the average person, the answer is most likely "Now."A cluster of recent studies and surveys reveals that most people are relatively ignorant of their eye health and in all likelihood have not been to an eye doctor in a very long time.

Iris and Pupil

Think of someone's eyes and it's not the retina, optical nerve, or the macula that you remember, but the two parts of the eye that everyone sees – the iris and the pupil. Eye color i

Laser Eye Procedures Explained

Are you frustrated that you find it difficult to do anything in your day to day life without relying on your glasses?Maybe you are fed up with always having to put in your contact lenses or the irritations are just becoming too much?If so, maybe you should consider having a laser eye operation to re

The Evolution of Eyeglasses

Many people had a part in the invention of these helpful tools, called eyeglasses, to make our lives easier. To see where spectacles began, you need to study Roman times, when Seneca claimed to use a glass globe to maker reading easier. Similar viewing tools were said to have been used by the monks

Save Your Hearing Now

The world is a noisy place and it's damaging our ears. Learn how to protect and improve your hearing.

Materials and Maintenance Tips for Contact Lenses

Both prescription colored contact lenses and non-prescription ones can be made of soft or hard materials. And both soft and hard types of those colored lenses come from various kinds of polymers. In those early days, hard contact lenses were made from PMMA, which also brought certain shortcomings. A

How to Take Out a Built-In Desk

If you have a built-in desk in your den, home office, bathroom or kitchen and want to remove it, you can do so using a few common construction tools. Built-ins are typically installed during the construction of the home. They are set into a recess and the seam between the wall and desk are sealed wi


Learn the definition of phacoemulsification, a cataract surgery option.

Can Contact Lenses Really Make You Look Different?

Contact lenses have suddenly become an important beauty accessory in today's world. The article speaks volumes of how the trend is catching up further among the young and old everywhere.

Watch Out for Acanthomoeba Keratitis!

Acanthamoeba comes from the Greek word "acantho" meaning curled, which refers to its pseudopodia, and "amoeba". An amoeba's pseudopod or false feet is specifically known as lobopodia. These false feet encircles any food in its environment and basically engulfs its prey throu