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Suggestions For A Fledgling Libertarian

For someone interested in Libertarian philosophies and principles there is a plethora of sources to learn and expand your knowledge. Libertarians hold that America was founded on Libertarian principles. The Constitution spelled out a limited role for the government, much more decentralized than toda

What Are Three Advantages to Centralized Military?

Centralized military structures in modern states offer levels of external and internal control that cannot be achieved through decentralized approaches. The application of advanced technology in weapons and command and control systems also makes it necessary for large scale coordination of the vario

About the Berlin Wall for Kids

The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to separate East and West Berlin in Germany. It was 96 miles long and 12 feet high. West Germany, America, and other democratic nations disapproved of the Berlin Wall. In 1990, after East Germany allowed the wall to be torn down, the countries reunited.

Spilled Oil Policy As Pursued by Barack Obama

It has been said and written that the Gulf oil spill could be Barack Obama's Katrina. That it most probably already is, but it could get much worse. Not "Waterloo", but more like Napoleon's ill-conceived Russian campaign of 1812, which cost him his army, his reputation, and, eigh

How to Make Flags for Praise & Worship

Using flags in a worship service is a way to praise God by literally raising a banner to Him and His glory. Some Christian churches will raise flags while singing or dancing during a worship service. The website for the Holy Cross Metropolitan Community Church in Pensacola, Florida references the us

The American Century - How the Bubble Busted!

The American Century was a revolutionary concept taken to practicality by Henry Luce, founder of what eventually became the largest and most influential magazine empire in America in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950, and 1960s. Time-Life Inc. (the magazine empire) housed Time, Fortune, Life and Sports Illustr

The Rajasthan Government

Vasundhara Raje has been in the news more often but never for any good reason. She shows up her face during the election and the year goes by with one or two critical (mostly controversial) comments made by her. Rajasthan is the medley of nineteen princely states.

Hezbollah International Terrorist Group Weaponry

Many have not considered the size of the Hezbollah International Terrorist Group and the amount of weaponry that they posses. Hezbollah started this conflict with Israel with 15,000 rockets, most is Iranian Technology, but some are Chinese Technology, radar guided.

Transforming Philippine Politics - Overcoming Multimedia Political Illusions

Sad to say, the persuasive power of modern-day advertising is now influencing the more lasting and far-reaching choices of our people including their choice of leaders. How can we strip off these high-tech multi-layered masks that make the real identity of these candidates so illusive to the voting

About the Physical Features of Saudi Arabia

A physical description of the geography and climate of Saudi Arabia. Includes geographic boundaries, an overview of the predominant ecosystem, a brief history of the country as well as agricultural and mineral production. This article briefly examines Saudi Arabia's system of government, what countr

Why P90X's Tony Horton Should Be Nominated to the Supreme Court

With the imminent retirement of Judge Stevens, a slot on the Supreme Court bench is opening up. This opportunity to name a Supreme Court justice is one of the biggest decisions Present Obama will make during his tenure as President of the United States, and it will show the nation where his prioriti

Abortion and the 2008 Presidential Election

With the 2008 presidential election rapidly approaching, the race for the White House is one of the most intense races seen in a very long time.Candidates from both parties have yet to officially lock the nomination for their party; however, Senator John McCain is soon expected to lock the Republica

Human Vs. Neanderthal Skulls

While modern humans (homo sapiens) and neanderthals were at one time contemporaries, our features differ anatomically quite a bit. The cranial features, in particular, have a number of differences.

2007 Trends in Politics

The year 2007 will be a pivotal point in present period politics for the United States of America. The Iraq conflict will continue to take center stage and the economy will cool down, while the Presidential Administration will have to determine how to deal with Syria and Iran, the insurgency and nuc

Different Ways Members of Congress Can Vote on a Bill

The U.S. Congress is made of the House of Representatives and the Senate. One of their duties is to draft and pass bills that will be submitted to the President of the U.S. for approval. Once approved, the bill becomes a law. Before a bill gets to this stage, members of Congress use one of three vot

How Washington DC was Chosen as Capital of the United States

The War of Independence had left the fledgling America free, but in turmoil. There was as yet no President and the country was a loose conglomeration of more or less independent states. Many soldiers who had fought in the war had yet to be paid for it and there was no official center of government t

The Two Kinds of Scottish Nationalist

This article looks at two distinct kinds of SNP supporter. While one sort of Scottish nationalist is intellectual and reasonable and holds nationalist views for respectable reasons, the other kind are motivated by by emotions and particularly a dislike of all things English. Polls show that the SNP