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Electric Generators Are Becoming Extremely Portable

Portable electric generators have been available at hardware and major chain stores for several decades but the latest generation of gasoline (petrol) powered generators, referred to as Suitcase Generators, pretty much take-the-cake on portability. Suitcase style generators are significantly lighter

Oriental Courtyards Quilt Pattern

Easy Snowball quilt blocks are one of the designs used to create this quilt, along with another patchwork block that I called Courtyard.

Choosing New Cabinets for Your Kitchen

If you're tired of looking at that same kitchen cabinets everyday, a simple remodel can go a long way. Though several homeowners love how their kitchens look, there are others who are excited to transform ...

Color by Kristin Yarn

This pretty yarn from Kristin Nicholas and Classic Elite Yarns is a great choice for colorwork, but the smooth stitches make Stockinette or any other stitch pattern look great, too.

Tassimo - $25,000 Bosch Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes

Tassimo - $25,000 Bosch Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes where US residents can win $25,000 worth of cash and prizes to renovate their kitchens. The $25,000 Bosch Kitchen Sweepstakes ends on 1/15/2008.

Solar Energy - Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar energy is one of the great hopes of our current age. Everyone is aware that we need alternatives to non-renewable energy resources like coal, oil and natural gas. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

How To Go About Improving Your House

Are you looking for inspiration for a home repair project? Maybe you need more input about common, or not so common, home repairs that can be made. This article provides great tips to help you ...

Improve Your Personal Video Games Experience - The MMOG

MMO role-playing games generally is a good deal of entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, those that like MMO role playing games usually are not antisocial, boring people. Actually, a variety of people from several backgrounds ...

Ribbed Infant Sock

This quick and easy infant sock is designed to fit a baby with a shoe size around size 4, but because it is so stretchy it will likely fit children with even larger feet.

Feng Shui and the Grand Duke

The term "Grand Duke" refers to a negative type of energy which comes to certain directions and it can make an area of a building or property accident-prone. It is volatile energy, the Chinese term for it being "Tai Sui." It sounds like "tie sway."

Making your Windows Clean yourself

Windows form an integral part of any accommodation. Offices, homes or any other commercial property needs windows for ventilation and lighting. It's of utmost importance to keep these windows clean to let air and light ...

Vacuum Cleaner Review of the NSS Pacer 112

The Pacer 112 UE /115 UE single-motor upright is a lightweight machine at 18lbs designed with innovation and reliability in mind. The rugged polypropylene body is perfect for commercial use and the powerful 1.5 HP ...

Is the Cost of Residential Metal Roofing Prices Worth it?

Taking on a huge home improvement project is never a simple decision and that's why residential metal roofing prices are evaluated so carefully. They can quickly add up, and homeowners have to consider if the ...