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Characteristics of Oak Trees

Oaks trees have a long life span.old oak tree image by Vortigern69 from Fotolia.comOak trees (Quercus or Lithocarpus) belong to the beech family and are broad-leaved, deciduous trees. Oak trees are considered one of the best shade trees and produce fruit in the form of acorns. They reach...

Are Iris Bulbs Heat Hardy?

Growing guides always reference a plant's cold hardiness, but experienced gardeners know that heat tolerance is just as important. Growing an iris (Iris spp.) outside its comfort zone guarantees disappointing results.

How to Compare Ultra Violet Water Purifiers

An ultraviolet water filter is also known as a UV water filter. This type of system tends to produce a pleasant taste in drinking water because it removes all kinds of bacteria and viruses that can give your water a foul taste and smell and make it cloudy or murky in appearance. However, if you have

How to Cut Tulip Leaves

Originally from Central Asia, tulips now grow in many places all over the world. There are over 3,000 varieties of tulips and some with solid or multicolored flowers. The tulip has a long tuberous stem and long flat green leaves. Tulips grow quickly, and fast growth may make your tulip's leaves look

Information on New Holland Tractors

The New Holland Company has been manufacturing quality farm equipment for more than 110 years. New Holland's lineup includes a full selection of tractors; hay and forage equipment; and harvesting, crop production and material-handling equipment.

Summer Wilt in Rhododendrons

The genus Rhododendron consists of a variety of shrubs valued for their evergreen foliage and showy flowers. The shrub favors temperate, humid climates for vigorous growth. Rhododendrons are susceptible to several diseases and insect pests that cause wilting during the summer months. Early identific

How to Remove Moles in a Garden

A mole is a small burrowing mammal that feeds on worms in the soil. This means they will burrow into your garden, your lawn and your prized petunias to find them. Moles leave unsightly holes in lawns and gardens, but they do not need to be killed in order to get rid of them. Consider humane ways of

The Cycle of Soil Pollution

Soil pollution refers to soil that contains materials that are not normally contained in soil. Ecosystems depend very highly on living soil to maintain sustainability. Microorganisms help free up various nutrients from the soil for plants and animals. Soils that lose their microorganisms or develop

Types of Citrus Trees in California

Orange groves are a familiar site across California's fruit-growing regions.Martin Harvey/Photodisc/Getty ImagesWith a balmy Mediterranean climate, California is the perfect place to grow citrus fruit. The citrus industry was the state's "second gold rush" in the late 1800s, spurred by...

How to Grow a L. Nerine Spider Lily

Nerine bowdenii is the scientific name for Japanese Spider Lily. This hardy member of the Nerine genus in the Amaryllidaceae family is native to South Africa. Spider lilies grow 14 to 20 inches tall and produce spidery, pink flowers in mid-summer and continue into the fall. A position in full sun a

Description of a Lime Tree

The sun-loving, evergreen lime is a staple of mixed drinks, Thai cooking and Key lime pie. However, not all lime trees are alike, and one tree, the Rangpur lime, is not a lime at all. Although all these citrus varieties need similar requirements of fast-draining, moist soil and warm winters, there

When to Replant Rose of Sharon Bushes?

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is also called the althea shrub. It is appropriate for planting in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8. Rose of sharon is a fast-growing deciduous shrub that produces blooms of white, red, pink, lavender or white with some double-bloomi

Behavioral Adaptations of Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are plant organisms that need to live in water in order to survive. Some aquatic plants are fully submerged organisms that live entirely in water all of their lives. Others live only partially submerged in water. These plants have many individual adaptations, such as the...

Insects That Kill Oak Trees

Check oak trees frequently for insect infestation.old oak tree image by Vortigern69 from Fotolia.comOak trees appear mighty and impenetrable at first glance. Unfortunately, many insects prey on these trees and can destroy them. The insect colonies attack and kill oak trees by their sheer...

How to Stop Ivy From Growing Into a Neighbor's Yard

Ivy vines can be used as ground covers in lawns, especially in shaded areas where other plants will not thrive. Most species of ivy grow quickly, and can become invasive if you do not control their growth. Your decorative ground cover may easily grow past the space you have allocated for it, and beg

How to Seal a Front House Door to Cold Weather

Even with a heater turned on, your house may feel cold due to a poorly insulated door. Some entry doors are energy-efficient and reduce a cold draft. When dealing with an older door or a badly insulated door, the door may need sealing to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

What Do Persimmon Trees Leaves Look Like?

The persimmon tree is a member of the Ebony family, a group of plants that contains just two trees native to the United States---the common persimmon and the Texas persimmon. Persimmons produce a fruit that has a taste mimicking that of dates, according to the "National Audubon Field Guide to Trees.

Avocado Tree Zones

Avocados originated in Mexico and Central America. The first records of avocados were discovered in Aztec writings, and avocado seeds were discovered buried inside Aztec cities along with other rubble. (The modern name "avocado" actually comes from the Aztec word "ahuacati," meaning testicles, which

Bur Oak Tree Facts

The bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) produces a slow to moderate growth rate of 1/3 to 1 3/4 feet per year until it reaches a height of approximately 90 feet. In rich bottomland soil, the tree may attain a height of up to 170 feet. The tree's dense canopy makes it a decent shade specimen. The tree tole

Does the Japanese Maple Have Seed Pods?

Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) provide attractive foliage and branching silhouettes in garden settings. These trees produce flowers that are tiny and red in late spring. If pollinated, the flowers produce seeds known as samaras, not seed pods at all.