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How to Adjust Motion Light Sensitivity

Motion lights are installed to give you a sense of security in knowing that an intruder will a trigger a light to come on as he approaches your home. Adjusting the motion sensitivity on your security lighting can help stop false triggers. False triggers occur when pets or traffic pass through the mo

Lock Boxes Can Be a Good Option For Hiding Spare Keys

Everyone should have an extra set of keys handy. Emergencies can happen that may require you to have keys available while you are not at home. For your security, however, do not place these spare keys in an easy to spot place.

How to Keep Birds Out of Window Air Conditioner

Birds that are looking for a dry, sheltered place to roost and lay eggs occasionally build nests around window air-conditioning units. These appliances appeal to birds because they offer protection from the elements and from predators. If you want to keep the birds out of your unit and away from you

Mildew on Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) has become a Southern landscape fixture because of its dense, deep green summer foliage, peeling bark and eye-catching blooms. Their showy white, pink, red, lavender or purple blooms have graced sunny spots since the mid-18th century. Susceptibility to powdery mil

Advantages Of Exit Alarm Paddle

Exit alarm system is a reasonable device that you can buy at very low cost. There are several advantages of the device. It is used for the security purposes in any area. This article tells you the advantages of Exit alarm paddle.

Self Storage Tips

Packing and moving can be difficult and moving your items into a self storage unit requires some planning and organization. By following expert suggestions, your transition from a house to a self storage unit can be less frustrating and your possessions can make the move safely.

Be Safe - Have A HeatWave Pepper Spray Handy!

Crimes are facts of life. They happen everyday. And statistically speaking, it is possible for you to become a victim of a crime at least once in your life. Crimes happen, regardless of place, time, situation, your social status, age, or gender.

How London Locksmith Can Help You

A London Locksmith is well-known for providing good locking service in London. London Locksmith can help you in the most preferred way at any time.

Security Cameras Mysteries: What Is A Dvr?

Are you looking to get a security cameras system for your house but don't know what you need to get or what type of thing you need to look out for? In this article we will look at the DVR system.

Promote The Safety Of Your Family With Home Alarm Systems

For someone who is raising a family there is nothing that is more important than making sure that your son or daughter is safe at all times. While it is impossible to prevent all bad things from happening, it is totally possible to minimize risk as much as possible so that your son or daughter can h

Boxelder Bug Control

Boxelder bugs, common red and black insects, cause minimal damage to trees. They can cause annoyance to people, when the bugs gather in large numbers to get sunlight during warm weather.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs Vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs

Consumers are often confused by the choice between fluorescent light and incandescent light. Both types of lighting have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which type of light to use in a project goes beyond just buying the cheaper of the two.

How to Exterminate Bird Mites

Bird mites are microscopic parasites that can infest birds such as pigeons, chickens, robins and sparrows, and that can transfer hosts to human or pets. Bird mites bite the skin, causing itching sensations and rashes. Bird mites multiply quickly, particularly in humid conditions, and gravitate towar

Covert Hidden Cameras: Put the Sneak in Sneaking

Do you need the companies of covert hidden cameras? Air purifiers, growth bins, books, clock radios and low mugs are just a couple of products which will have covert concealed cameras. Pc speakers, counter signals, ...

Home Video Surveillance - The Reasons Behind the Cameras

The need, or want, for home video surveillance is rapidly increasing the more we see cameras being accepted and injected into our everyday lives. Closed Circuit Television has become the leader in protection systems and is now taking flight among people residentially.

How to Monitor a Security Camera on a CPU

A security camera provides a video feed that can be watched from a remote location. To monitor a security camera on a computer, not only must the camera be connected to the computer in some manner, but a computer video viewing program that can accept and display the video from the camera must be run