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How to Level a Yard to Build a Retaining Wall

The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back soil to prevent it from falling or eroding due to rainfall. They are also used around the perimeter of landscaped flower beds to hold the soil inside the bed. No matter the reason for installing a retaining wall, all of them require a flat soil surface

How to Plant Cattail Seeds

Cattails are an aquatic herb found in temperate and tropical climates. These perennial plants are distinguished by their velvety brown seed head and graceful green stalks. They are found along the edges of ponds, lakes, marshes and moisture-retentive soil. Cattails spread by seed and rhizomes, and c

DIY: Guide for an Electric Lawn Mower

An electric lawn mower requires the use of a heavy duty extension cord to supply power from an electrical outlet to the mower. Operation also requires that additional attention be paid to the mower in damp or wet conditions and that the extension cord be kept out of the way. An electric mower is sui

Banish Ugly Foundation Planting - Add Charm to Your House

Contemporary Garden Design is an eclecticism of classical and naturalistic styles, reflecting boththe eastern and western traditions.The typical suburban plot (which has no sense of design) is locatedamong other plots of approximate size where the front yards run together to form a common park.Most

How to Make a Curved Fence

A curved fence may be a bit of a misnomer. The segment of fence between each post is always a straight line no matter what the building materials. If the posts are set following an arc or curve, the series of straight lines formed by each fence segment forms a curve. Building a curved fence involves

How to Cut Metal Soffit

The soffit is a horizontal piece of trim located just under the eave of the roof, perpendicular to the fascia board. It can be either solid or vented. Soffit is available in wood, vinyl or metal and must be cut to size. Soffit is installed horizontally and slides into the J-channel at the top of the

Brick Stains - Efflorescence (White Powder)

If you have an ugly white powder on your brick, block or stone, you probably have efflorescence.Find solutions to remove this unsightly problem from your masonry walls.

Types of Cement Kilns

A cement kiln is used to make cement.hops kiln image by Steve Lovegrove from Fotolia.comCement kilns are used to produce hydraulic cement. The process involves the grinding and mixture of limestone and clay. The raw mixture is heated in the cement kiln to a temperature of 1,500 degrees...

What Can I Put in the Cracks of My Old Brick Patio?

Even the most well-built brick patios can develop cracks as they age. Repeated exposure to rain, sun and freezing temperatures can cause old bricks to crack or even split open, resulting in an unattractive patio and a tripping hazard. Fill the cracks to update your brick patio and make it safer.

Steps to Landscape Designing

Landscape gardens are opted for by most house owners today. Landscaping helps in beautifying the entire area around your house and this in turn would add to the looks of your home too.

A Guide to Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies are named after Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. These are not true balconies, but rather are usually a part of an upper floor and do not project from the building. Instead, there are walls on the sides and a balustrade in the front.

What Is a Good Height for Lawn Mowing Grass?

Different grass types require different mowing heights.she's mowing the lawn image by mavrick from Fotolia.comConsider Grass TypeRaise your mowing height when air temperatures put your turfgrass under stress.lawn,grass image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comTurfgrasses are either a...

Back to the Basics: Principles of Landscaping

Landscaping, just like any other work of art, rests on principles that must be observed to be able to create an aesthetically pleasing product at the end. If you do not follow these elements, you ...

Rye Grass Ground Preparation

Ryegrass provides a great cover for lawns in several parts of the United States. Ryegrass is a low-maintenance lawn grass, therefore, it is desirable for those who do not enjoy constant lawn maintenance. Planting ryegrass, though, does require some preparation. If you prepare your soil sufficiently,

When to Sow Cucumber Seeds

Cucumbers are a warm season crop, meaning they grow best after the cool weather of the spring has passed. For this reason gardeners plant cucumbers later than many of the cool season crops such as lettuce or radishes. Many of the varieties of cucumbers grow rapidly and produce vegetables in less tha

Best Time to Plant Grass in North Carolina

Cool-season grasses grow well in North Carolina in the spring and fall, maintaining their geen color until they turn dormant in the hot and cold seasons. Bluegrass, tall fescue, turf type fescue and perennial ryegrass have proved to be successful in North Carolina.

How to Make Your Own Composter

Compost is an incredibly useful and environmentally friendly way to make the most of the food you purchase. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste that gets disposed of, but it also converts it into something that is useful for all types of gardening. Composting also allows us to take a step be

The Most Effective Way to Kill Weeds & Grass for Resodding

Although it's not the cheapest way to start a lawn, sod can instantly give a patchy or weedy yard complete coverage in thick, lush grass. Perhaps the most important aspect in a new sod installation is soil preparation, which often involves grass and weed removal. It's important to be cautious with w

How to Apply a Semi-Transparent Deck Stain

Wood stains protect and prevent the damaging effects of rain, ultraviolet radiation and fungi on exterior woods. Using a semi-transparent stain on your deck will allow you to see the texture of the wood. Maintenance for this type of stain is also easy since no stripping is involved and you just have