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How to Go Green With Scents

The spray you use in your home to keep it smelling fresh may contain some ingredients you were not aware of. In 2007, the Natural Resources Defense Council conducted an independent study of household air fresheners and found some disturbing information. According to their study, 12 of the 14 product

How to Dispose of Alkaline Batteries in New Jersey

Effective January 1, 2010, New Jersey's Dry Cell Battery Management Act, which originally took effect in 1991, changed. Under this change, rechargeable batteries, such as NiMH, Li-Ion and NiCad batteries must be recycled and can no longer be disposed of with your regular garbage. Another key change

How to Clean Louis Vuitton Leather

Louis Vuitton is a high-end designer, manufacturing a variety of leather handbags and accessories. As these items are very expensive, you should properly clean and maintain them. Clean the leather with elements that will safely remove dirt and residue without doing any damage.

Directions for Washing Clothes

The seemingly endless task of doing laundry can become especially frustrating when your clothes come out shrunken, stained or discolored. Following a few simple laundry guidelines can keep this from happening.

How Can Glass Bottles Be Reused?

People reuse glass bottles in several ways, both at home and in professional reuse programs. Businesses sometimes reuse bottles directly, and home crafters can reuse bottles for vases, lamps or homemade wine.

How to Remove Wax From My Driveway

You can scrub all you want, but standard methods may never completely remove a wax spill from a paved driveway. Whether your driveway is made up of concrete, asphalt or paver stones, spills of hot wax will seep into the grain, texture and pores of the paving material, making unsightly and seemingly

Tips on Cleaning a Room Covered in Cigarette Smoke

A good cleaning can remove cigarette smoke film and odors.smoking image by Dozet from Fotolia.comCigarette smoke is notoriously difficult to remove from walls and floors. Follow a few simple tips to remove cigarette smoke film and odor from your home. You may need to repeat these steps...

Wet Carpet Mildew Removal

Mildew in the home is commonly thought of as an unsightly nuisance, but for people with sensitive systems, considerable levels of mildew can cause a host of physical ailments including headaches, rashes, runny noses, nausea, sinus problems, fatigue and coughing. For those not willing to go the extra

How to Cover Scratches on Chocolate Brown Leather Furniture

Light scratches on leather can be remedied in a variety of ways. If they are shallow scratches and scuffs, olive oil or orange oil will help to cover any visible damage. Spray-on solutions for furniture, such as Pledge, can also cover surface scratches. Shoe polish is another method for hiding sc

How to Clean Acrylic Shower Doors

Acrylic is a durable, semi-opaque material used in the construction of many showers. The shower doors themselves come into contact with fingerprints, soap scum and other elements that make the shower feel and look unclean. To clean the shower doors, make your own homemade cleaner from inexpensive el

How to Remove a Musty Smell From a Washing Machine

A musty smell is a fairly common occurrence in front-loading washing machines. The smell is result of mold developing in the front gasket due to water retained in the gasket after many wash cycles. Fortunately with the correct cleaning products and method, you can remove the unpleasant odor from you

How to Remove Grease Stains From Suede

Removing grease from any kind of leather can be tricky, but suede in particular is very delicate and hard to clean properly. Depending on the severity of the grease stain, you may ultimately need it professionally cleaned. However, there is a home remedy you can try that may take care of it, but wil

How to Clean Scale Buildup From Plumbing in House

Limescale buildup commonly accumulates in the plumbing systems of homes, as hard water runs through the pipes and settles on the sides of these surfaces. Since you cannot see the limescale buildup or determine when you have a serious problem, it is best to regularly clean your drains and pipes in a

How to Remove Glue From a Mirror

Glue can be one of the most difficult substances to clean off of household surfaces. Unlike other residue, it tends to linger and often becomes a challenge to remove. It can be especially frustrating when glue is stuck to something as fragile as glass, which must be handled with extra care. Fortunat

How to Get Burnt Spaghetti Off a Pan

Leaving spaghetti to boil too long causes it to stick to the pan and burn. Burnt spaghetti leaves crispy, black fragments on the pan that emanates an unpleasant odor and makes cleaning challenging. Like all burnt foods, spaghetti becomes harder to detach from cookware over time. Fast action is the k

Can Bleach Stain Whites?

A common substance in many homes, bleach is a damaging and dangerous chemical that used improperly will ruin colored and white fabrics. Bleach will not only leave unsightly stains on fabrics, but it can also eat away at the fibers, deteriorating the item beyond repair.

How to Get a Sticker Off After Going Through the Dryer

Clothing often ends up in the laundry with stickers still attached. Children use stickers to show their achievements and personalities. From your son getting a sticker for exceptional performance in school to your husband wearing a label proclaiming that he gave blood today, stickers can be an honor

How to Clean the LCD Panels in a Sanyo Projector

LCD panels are a little different than your traditional glass style television screen, as the LCD screen is made of a resin and plastic blend that provides a lightweight, functioning screen with a crisp and clear picture image. Sanyo offers a projection-style LCD television that, as with any other T

How to Make a Natural Insecticide Spray

Insect infestations can ruin your crops and cost you a lot of money. You may keep the insects away with an insecticide to protect your plants from harm. Instead of purchasing a commercial insecticide, which may be toxic to humans and pets, you may make your own at home with natural ingredients.

Easy Way to Mop a Bathroom Floor

There may be several ways to mop a floor, but none are as easy as the following: hire a maid. If that is not economically feasible, there is another simple and effective way to mop a bathroom floor.