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How to Cheaply Design an Italian Kitchen

While "Tuscan" and "Rustic Italian" are all the rage in kitchen design these days, it can cost a hefty sum to achieve the look of a designer Italian-style kitchen. Many homeowners love this Old World, family-centered, warm and inviting look so much, they're willing to pay a pretty penny for it. If y

How to Install an Oak Stair Rail

Installing an oak stair rail is a relatively simple task to complete and would be much easier if you have a helper. One decision that you should make before beginning a project like this is the height at which you will attach the stair rail to the wall. The general height ranges between 30 and 36 in

How to Reface Fireplaces

You can reface your current fireplace with a bright, new stone veneer system to looks like the real thing. Stone veneers are attractive and durable, look like stone but are half the weight of real stone and much easier to work with. They can be purchased at a building supply or hardware store and ap

How to Attach a Gate to a Fence Post

Securely installing a wooden gate is a simple three-part process that you can complete in under an hour. Once you decide on which side of the gate you want to install the hinges, it is simply a matter of attaching the hinges to the gate, then attaching the hinges to the gatepost. Scrap wood and shim

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring For Any Room

Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you set a flooring budget and figure out what color and style you're looking for, it's not that complicated. Hardwood flooring prices vary depending on the size, wood type, finish, color and manufacturi

How Is Pergo Flooring Made?

Pergo is the proprietary name of a laminate flooring that is frequently selected by homeowners and contractors for floors that will take a lot of wear. Pergo flooring resists stains, scratches and scuffs and will not fade, according to the manufacturer. It is available in a number of colors and fini

Ash vs. Oak

Ash and oak trees both are fine landscaping trees. When deciding whether to plant an ash or an oak, consider the mature height of the tree, its growing needs and susceptibility to disease and insect infestations. Consult a local extension office or nursery expert for help selecting a tree variety ad

How to Install Molding With Rosette

Rosettes look fancy, but they make custom molding less difficult to install than traditional mitered or angled corners. All cuts are made straight across, so there are fewer chances for errors. Doorways usually feature one plinth block at the bottom left and right. Plinth blocks are wide, flat decor

How to Change Pergo Boards

Pergo is a brand of laminate flooring that easily installs with a locking tongue-and-groove system. While the flooring is durable, it can become damaged by excessive water or a paint spill. Fortunately, because Pergo is installed without nails or glue, it's not too difficult to disassemble the floor

Types of Strong House-Building Materials

If you're building a home for yourself and your family, you want to ensure that the resulting structure is a sturdy one that will not only last a lifetime, but it will also be around when your children have their own children and when your grandchildren, too, are ready to raise their families. Thus,

How to Preserve Cedar Roof Shakes

Cedar shake is a traditional building material that has been used on roofs for hundreds of years in parts of the eastern United States. Cedar is a durable wood that can hold up well even if left untreated. However, adding a penetrating, oil-based preservative to your cedar shake roof will prevent da

What Are Good Kitchen Colors?

The kitchen is almost always the heart of any home, making the decor especially important. A welcoming atmosphere is essential. Since kitchens have less wall space than other rooms, the wall color is sometimes more an accent color than the main color. Colors for the walls must match or coordinate wi

How to Build Tiny Homes

Living in a very small house can be a nice experience for those who are minimalists. Fitting everything you own into a tiny space helps you control clutter and prioritize what is important. The best part of owning a tiny house is that it's inexpensive to heat and repair. While it has disadvantages,

What Are Panel Curtains?

In times past curtains would have been used to guarantee privacy and retain heat in rooms. Today, due to advancements in window design, they are often used more for decoration than for a functional purpose. Curtains come in a variety of styles; each with their own individual characteristics and each

How to Cut the Width of an Interior Door

Many homeowners purchase hollow-core doors to use as interior doors because they are more affordable than solid-wood doors. A hollow-core door consists of wood veneer covering a wood frame, which leaves the majority of the door hollow. It is not recommended to cut more than 1 inch from any of a holl

Grouting System for Tile

Working on your hands and knees while tiling small rooms may not seem like a formidable undertaking. A tiling job that takes several days, however, can exact a toll on your body, particularly on your knees, hands, back and elbows. Grouting systems enable you to complete tiling jobs faster and with l

How to Replace a Sidewalk Basement Door

Exterior doors protect your home from the elements and intruders alike. A wide variety of finishes, textures, and materials are available to choose from when selecting an exterior door. Weathering, impact damage, and normal wear and tear will all take a toll on your exterior door, requiring replacem

Kitchen Lighting Advice

If you're looking for a way to add a little "life" to your kitchen, changing or enhancing the lighting in the space may do the trick. Adding lights to the kitchen that allow you to see better while making certain appliances or areas more appealing will make the space especially welcoming.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Runoff Control Systems?

Rooftop runoff control systems are just one of many construction developments designed to increase a building's environmental efficiency. The system recycles rainwater through the gutter and drainage pipes of the building so that it can be used for other purposes. Also, green roofs, in which a roof