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How to Test Circuit Board Components

A test of circuit-board components, such as capacitors, resistors, transistors and integrated circuits, can be done to some extent without removing the components from the circuit board. More comprehensive testing can be performed on these components when the component is removed. Most t

How to Set a Havahart Critter Trap

If you have a rodent infestation problem in your home or workshop -- and wish to trap the critters humanely -- you might consider using a Havahart critter trap. These live-traps capture the animals, allowing their transport and release in another location. The traps come in various sizes for differe

How to Clean Hoover Vacuums

According to Consumer Reports Magazine, Hoover vacuum cleaners are a "best seller," but despite its popularity, the brand is "less reliable" than some competing upright vacuum cleaner manufacturers. One issue with Hoover vacuum cleaners is the industry-common problem of cleanliness. As a machine des

Types of Reference Electrodes

Reference electrodes are electrodes that reliably produce the same level of voltage regardless of what is going on around them. Reference electrodes have many applications in the physical sciences, especially in the process of measuring the electrical charge of different substances. A...

How to Install Light Switch Timers

Installing a light-switch timer requires basic wiring skills and can be easily accomplished by most homeowners. These instructions assume you'll be replacing an existing light switch, but installing a time switch in a new circuit is similar. The exact connections and the color coding vary with the

What Do Microwaves Do?

Microwave ovens are simple to use, small enough to fit on the kitchen counter and relatively safe for children when compared to the dangers of a conventional oven. Still, thorough understanding is required before an appliance can be used in total safety, and the process of heating food in a microwav

Peak Performance For Central Air Conditioning - A How To Guide

As the summer months begin to heat up, a greater work load is being placed on your central air conditioning unit, causing it to work harder to keep your home cool. This translates into higher electricity bills, and a greater chance of equipment breakdown if the unit is not properly maintained. Here

Chiller Safety Protocols

Chillers are used to help keep the air cool in air-conditioning units.antenne satellite. image by Bruno Bernier from Fotolia.comChillers are used to remove heat sources from refrigeration units by way of a vapor compressor. Chillers are commonly found in a variety of industries including...

How To Choose The Right Home Theater Seating

Home theater systems and home theater seating have become the suburban preoccupation of the decade. This article provides 6 great tips on how to choose the home theater seating that suits your needs.

How to Tell If an AC Condenser Is Engaged?

There are a number of moving parts in your cooling unit that run the refrigeration process needed to blow cool air through your AC system. Both home and car air conditioner units use pressure to pump air through the system and cool it down. The condenser fan has a motor that causes it to run wheneve

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are electronic devices used to record television shows, to record video to a hard disk in digital form, and other applications and uses. It is also known as a personal video recorder (PVR). The digital video recorders have all the important functions of videocassette r

How to Troubleshoot a GE PSS25NGMA Refrigerator

The model PSS25NGMA side-by-side refrigerator is part of the Profile series of appliances manufactured by GE. The one-year warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor during the first 365 days of ownership if it is used for household purposes. If any part of the sealed refrigeration system fails

How to Replace a Toggle Light Switch

The toggle light switch is one of the easiest switches to replace and can be done in less than 30 minutes. The light switch uses two terminal screws with the black wire being split in two and connected to both terminals. When the toggle switch is down, it breaks the circuit with the light being turn

Maintaining Your Washer

These days people have become accustomed to disposable materials and products. Even home appliances and office items are expected to have a relatively short life span. The truth in the matter is that these items should not need to be replaced every few years. Items such as washers should be built to

How to Kill Lice in Laundry

Lice can live anywhere in a home where they can burrow deep and hide. Laundry is a perfect place for them to do that. Laundry can quickly become infested with lice if a person who has head lice has been wearing or sleeping on any of the items in the basket or pile. There are some steps that need to

Fashionable Kitchen Appliances Start With Black

"White goods" no longer have to be white, as kitchen appliances move away from traditional styling and become fashion-orientated. The desirability of glossy black fascias and the functionality of American fridge freezers are amongst the growing trends in this competitive market.

Homemade Alternative Power

For homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint and overall use of energy, the array of alternative energy sources are intriguing. If you're looking for homemade sources of alternative power, helpful how-to guides exist for nearly every type of alternative energy source. You can learn how to d