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Can You Reverse Atherosclerosis?

Can you reverse atherosclerosis? That is a question to which many people, who suffer from the condition, would very much like an answer. To find an answer to the question I suggest we look to people whose extraordinary intelligence in scientific discovery enabled them to win the coveted Nobel Prize

The Way To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

It is, indeed, possible to reduce cholesterol naturally. So don't fret if your bad cholesterol happens to be above 100 mg/dL; it does not mean that your days are numbered, but it does not mean either that you can simply dismiss it as something unimportant. Cholesterol levels that are too high c

Long Term Results of the INTERACT Trial

Are the short-term benefits of enoxaparin compared with UFH observed in high-risk patients with non-ST segment elevation ACS maintained over a prolonged period of follow-up?

Heart Disease Diet - Health Tips for National Heart Month

It is February, National Heart Month. Here are some simple ideas for improving your cardiovascular health not only for this month, but also for the rest of your life.. Every little bit helps, so don't fret if you aren't as successful as you'd like. Just give these tips a try, relax, a

Is Strength Training Safe After a Heart Attack?

Having a recent heart attack can be devastating but please know that many survive and live a long life after such an event. You may be eager to make these good changes in your life but is strength training or lifting weights safe after a heart attack or event?

Drinking Red Wine May Slow Aging

Researchers have identified how a compound commonly found in red wine, peanuts, and grapes slows the aging process while increasing maximum lifespan.


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Heart Attack Prevention

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