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Double Chocolate Macarons Recipe

Surely just those three words are enough to have any gourmet, or for that matter gourmand, salivating. Macaron, as opposed to macaroon, are the delicate meringue based confection made ground almonds, sandwiched together with a cream, buttercream, chocolate ganache or fruit puree. When sandwiched lik

Resistant Starch Foods Explained

Resistant starch foods, simply put, contain lots of starch that is not easily digested. The theory is that these foods are "better" calorie consumption and help you really feel full for extended. The principle of ...

Special Granola Recipe

This Granola recipe is quite simple to prepare and is a finger licking recipe. When I announced my intent to begin cooking low carbohydrate recipes. My friends moped for months until I became more comfortable with low-carb cooking.

Is Canada a Nation Without a Food Identity?

Let's go out for Canadian tonight. Not exactly a phrase you hear when people are planning a night out for dinner. Canada is definitely not known for its unique cuisine, however its diverse culture is exactly what makes it stand out on the world stage. However, Canada does have a few staple food

History of Champagne

Without question, champagne is the most admired and praised drink in the world. It is suitable for many occasions and moments in a person's life: for romantic dates, for engagements, for promotions, wedding parties, holidays, for sad and for happy moments. Or, if you are a true admirer, you can

How to Choose the Right Wine for Dinner

While most wine connoisseurs agree when offering basic advice on choosing a wine at dinner, that a nice white wine complements white meats such as chicken and fish, and darker meats are best suited for red wines, wine selection also comes down to individual preference as different palates suit diffe

How to check the freshness of your beer

You may not believe but beer is a delicate product. You must make sure that it is treated similar to any other perishable food items. Contrary to the common belief, beer in fact has a ...

Types of Salmon

Salmon is a wonderful fish that is not only very flavorful, but also very healthy, and are known for their rich, colorful flesh. This is a result of the diet of the salmon, Krill. Krill are small crustaceans very similar to shrimp, and they contain carotenoids, which are natural red pigments.

Diabetic Polenta Brunch Bake

People are considered to have diabetes if their fasting plasma glucose (FPG) is 126 mg/dl or higher, as determined by a blood test. This diabeteic breakfast recipe will ensure a healthy start to any day.

Insider's Secrets to the Elegant Flan

Mexican flan is one of the most popular and well-known desserts from south of the border. This dessert is a sweet custard topped with caramel sauce. It is made in the homes of rich and ...

Uses for Clotted Cream

Clotted cream is an English specialty, traditionally produced in the West Country that includes Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. It is made by heating full fat milk or cream until some of the liquids evaporate and leave behind a lightly solidified layer. Clotted cream contains a large amount of butter

How to Make Frozen Greek Yogurt

If you have a deep love and appreciation for frozen Greek yogurt and are not always able to get the ice cream parlor so you can purchase a fresh pint when you run out, you ...