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Banish Cellulite With Cellulean Cream

We all people know how it looks odd when lumps or dimples appear on skin surface. Especially for women who wear short skirts or mini dresses these dimples really create embarrassing situation for them.

Burgundy Hairstyles

Burgundy hairstylescrazy hair image by Cora Reed from Fotolia.comBurgundy-colored hair is achieved using hair dye in a variety of burgundy shades, from dark brown with deep cherry tones to nearly magenta, mulberry or darkest brown with a deep red base. Examples of burgundy hair color are...

The Basics of Skin Care Products

While commercials may tell you that you need a slew of expensive creams and salves to have beautiful skin, the truth about great skin is actually found in simplicity.

Four Beauty Tips You Cannot Miss!

Looking beautiful is a wish of everyone. So everyone wants to learn some tips for looking beautiful. The objectives of the article is to highlight some beauty tips for those persons who wants to be looking beautiful and wants to attract the majority.

Hairstyles for a Small Chin

If you have a small chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. A heart-shaped face is larger on the top half of the face, between the cheek bones and the forehead. It then tapers down to a small chin, creating a heart shape. Some hairstyles are better than others to create a larger looking chin.

How to Stop a Wristwatch

There are a few reasons why you might want to stop a wristwatch. One of the most common occasions when a watch is stopped is for timekeeping purposes, such as for a race or competition, when it is important to keep strict time. Many watches come with stop watches that make this process even easier.

How to Get a Certified Tanning License

Are you planning to open a tanning salon? Tanning salons require regular maintenance of machine and regular maintenance and cleanliness. There are other aspects that go along with opening and running a tanning salon. You want to make it a fun place to visit and also keep everything running smoothly.

Hair Styles And Cuts Are Getting Popular Among The Masses

As the youth is trying new haircuts and styles that are getting popular today, a number of beauty salons have been established all over the city. If you reach a pool of stylists through the internet, make sure you compare their prices and decide on the best one. This is important to have great looks

Haircuts for Boys & Men

Since Victorian times, haircuts for boys and men have tended to be shorter than women's hairstyles. In the 1960s, male hairstyles began to show more variety in length. Today, boys and men can choose anything from elaborately sculpted "scene" haircuts to shoulder length curls or short buzz cuts.

Little Black Dress Transcends Fashion

Coco Chanel made it chic 75 years ago, and today the little black dress is the most reached for after-five look around. Find out more here.

How to Arrange Crystals on an Ice Skating Dress

Ice skating dresses use crystals of different kinds as decorations because the crystals pick up the light and reflect it around the skater. The crystals essentially mimic the look of the ice below and draw attention to the skater, making her the center of attention. When you make your own ice skatin

How to Make Your Lace Wig Look More Natural

Of all of the varieties of wigs, lace wigs are the most realistic. Made from hair that's individually knotted onto a lace base, a professionally applied lace wig is virtually indistinguishable from natural hair. Because of this quality, lace wigs are favorites of women who have lost their hair for m

How to Make a Wig From Tracks

Wigs can be used as a quick fix for bad hair days or as a protective style for people who want to improve the health and increase the length of their natural hair. Quick-weave hairstyles allow the wearer to make a removable wig using hair on the track or weft. These wigs allow you to create any cust

How to Get Rid of Bacne

"Bacne," a word created by blending the words "back" and "acne," is the slang term used to describe a common skin condition that appears as small, raised pimples on the back. There are many acne-fighting methods available today, but if you want to avoid harsh topical preparations, chemicals and

How to Become a Cosmetologist

If your dream involves being a cosmetologist, then you need to pursue it. One of the best schools out there that offers training for aspiring cosmetologists is the Lancaster School Of Cosmetology.

Lips Care

We tend to focus on improving our skin condition and complexion by using proper skin care products and follow our daily skin care regime. And yet, we never seems to care so much about our lip, neck and other parts of our body.

How to Dye Someone's Hair Brown on the Bottom & Dirty Blonde on Top

A rather interesting hair coloring option is dying hair dark on the bottom and dirty blonde on top. Such a hairstyle can add perceived depth and style. This does not have to be done by a professional hair stylist. With a few easy steps, you can dye someone's hair at home to achieve this eye catching