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Missouri Alienation of Affection Laws

Alienation of affection is not a basis for separation or divorce in Missouri.couple-playing image by from Fotolia.comThe Missouri laws for alienation of affection are very clear cut: Alienation of affection is not a basis for separation or divorce in the state of Missouri....

Texas Curfew Law

Curfew laws in Texas, known as juvenile curfew, are city ordinances that prohibit minors from being out in public past a certain time at night without an adult and during school hours without supervision. These laws are Intended to protect minors and promote school attendance.

Time Limits on Annulments in New York

New York's domestic relations laws provide a number of grounds for annulment of a marriage. Even if a spouse can establish the grounds for an annulment, whether a New York court will grant the request may depend on time-specific circumstances. The time limit and other requirements to file for an ann

Do I Need a Lawyer?

>Do I need a lawyer? The short answer is yes. The reason is importance. Chances are that if you are in court (or thinking about going there) your case is very important. The custody of ...

Wisconsin Workmans Comp Laws

Employees off work for more than three days due to a workplace injury are compensated for lost wages.Wisconsin state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comOne of the unique features of Wisconsin’s worker's compensation system, sometimes called...

The Dissipation of Assets in a Divorce in California

When spouses divorce, one spouse may attempt to hide or frivolously spend marital assets in order to keep them from the other spouse. In California, this is called the dissipation of assets. California does permit a judge to appoint a receiver to find and/or prevent dissipation. A spouse who does wa

Maryland Attorney: Obtain an Outcome You Need

When you need the best Maryland attorney, you need to be aware of some details before you decide to hire one. You might find that you cannot afford one, or have to take another direction ...

USPS Mailbox Standards

When setting up a new or replacement mailbox at your home, make sure to follow the USPS's guidelines. The guidelines cover information such as design specifications, placement, and usage rules.

Does Bankruptcy Make Your Student Loan Go Away

Obtaining student loans can help you in obtaining a degree as well as boost your complete wellness, also they could be crippling to your financial condition. High repayments in monthly, particularly for fresh graduate students ...

Reasons to Opt for Federal Civil Appeal Attorneys

Federal appeal attorneys are known by their eligibility and licensing to file appeals in all courts at 50 states in the country. Today, there have been several options and the issues that are tackling by ...

California Laws on GPS Car Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems are illegal in California except for in a few circumstances.gps navigation system in car image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comThe California Penal Code defines electronic tracking devices as "any device attached to a vehicle or other movable thing that reveals its...

Homeland Security Authorization Act

Among many important legislative changes after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 was the passage of the Homeland Security Authorization Act. The act was designed to facilitate detection and prevention of terrorism in the United States by maximizing informational and technological resources.

The Law Is Required to Maintain Order!

Law and order are essential to be maintained in any prevailing human civilization. For where there are a number of people there is definitely going to be a difference of opinion leading to chaos and ...

Serving In The Courtroom

It is not a good idea to serve someone in a courtroom while the judge is there because judges hate it. Why is this so despised? Judges look on appearances at the courthouse as being ...