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Worm Farming Secrets - Worm Farming Tips Review

Contrary to what many people believe, raising worms is a science as much as an art. It is different in digging the soil in your garden to gather any worms you could find and in ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Flooring

As you contemplate remodeling your house, there are several essential considerations you need to keep in mind. One of them is the type of floor that is ideal for your house.

Custom Designed Fences And Gate

Now you can give a new rich look to your home with designed fences or gates. If you think you can’t afford it, than aluminum fences one only solution.

Growing Your Own Vegetables in Your Own Home!

Want to grow your own mini vegetables without the need of a garden?By getting yourself an indoor micro farm you have the ability to grow healthy intensely flavored micro greens, mini salads and bean sprouts throughout the year in your own home. When plants are young there nutritional value is much g

Parts of a Basil Plant

Traditional sweet basil has light green foliage.basil image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comIf you've ever tasted pesto, you probably know that basil leaves are sweet and pungent. As a favored herb for tomato dishes and sauces, basil is often grown in the home garden near the tomato...

Aquaponic System

I first became interested in aquaponics gardening while teaching elementary science to fifth graders. One of the units was teaching ecosystems and how living and nonliving things depended upon each other for survival and existence. I began the unit by taking the students on...

Did You Know You Can Preserve Garden Herbs?

Although the majority of herb users purchase their herbs from markets, either fresh or dried, you can cultivate and preserve your own herbs. That's right; throughout history herbs have been dried, preserved in salt or vinegar and, in more recent years frozen.Whether using garden herbs in culina

Propagating Corms and Rhizomes

One of the wonderful attributes of rhizomes, corms and tubers is that they are successful self propagators, by creating both new growth below ground and seeds above. What are rhizomes? Anyone who has planted a cannas from what seems like a small rhizome in late winter will be amazed at the sheer qua

How to Analyze Plant Food & Fertilizers

Feeding your growing plants nutrient-rich plant food is an important aspect of gardening whether you're growing vegetables, fruits, trees or flowers. However, not all plants thrive on the same levels of nutrients, so selecting the appropriate feed for your plants is crucial. To be sure that you're g

Magnolia Trees

Tree frogs are entrancing creatures of this earth and can be wonderful pets if cared for correctly. Now there's no resource on the easy way to correctly care for your tree frog at home. There are some

Eco Indoor GardeningA Fun And Healthy Pastime

Indoor gardening is becoming a popular activity worldwide. Indoor plants not only detoxify the air, but also provide a charming and decorative addition to any home or apartment.

Go for the top class Patio Palm Heater and Mister now!

Outdoor space is a perfect extension in your home for recreation and relaxation. These days people love to add spas and swimming pools for extra enjoyment. They even build bars, outdoor kitchen, complete outdoor living ...

Wild Fruit Trees in Texas

Property owners in Texas have an assortment of wild fruit tree species to select from when choosing an ornamental tree for their acreage. These wild Texas fruit trees can handle the hot summers and chilly, windy Texas winters, where temperatures can drop to -10 degrees Fahrenheit in...

Wildflowers Following Nature's Design

In nature, certain species are found growing together and they form a specific community called a "plant community". Native plants always grow in association with other native plants to create plant communities that are essentially associations of indigenous species that have evolved over

Instant Gardening

Every day there seems to be a quicker and easier way of doing things, whether it's the latest ready meal, the quickest internet delivery or even instant wallpaper. And in the gardening world the TV makeover programs have done their fair bit to encourage us all to build a garden in a weekend.