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How to Make a Flare Dress

Lots of designers have sent flare dresses down the runway over the years. Some have stuck with shorter hemlines while others have gone for the dramatic ballgown length. Despite their glamorous look, flare dresses can be remarkably easy to make. Pick your own length and color, and you're well on your

Unique White Centerpiece Ideas

Use silver and white sequins to create a custom centerpiece.sequins image by Vaida from <a href=''></a>White centerpieces are both elegant and versatile. They are used in a number of events, from baby showers to weddings, and events during the...

Themes for Parties & Table Decorations

For a party to remember, a theme party is the way to go. No matter what the occasion, a little creativity and some nontraditional decorations can go a long way toward making a lasting impression.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venues in Northern Territory

Whilst the rest of Australia is experiencing winter, the Northern Territorians are outside in the sun, enjoying sporting activities and adventure. It is for this reason the Northern Territory is a great location for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions and honeymoons.

Choosing The Right Florist For Your Wedding

The business of planning a wedding is full of the unknown. Although most brides have dreamed about their wedding day for years, when it comes to the actual planning, the details become a blur.

How to Make a Bullfighter Costume

Spanish bullfighters, with their heroic personalities and dashing outfits, have inspired many trick-or-treaters to dress like them on Halloween night. Bullfighters traditionally wear a gold-embroidered outfit in one of several colors, including black, red, blue, green or white. Black shoes, knee-hig

Wedding Centerpieces and Accessories

Who thought candy could be truly chic?Well, it is in this kind of a wedding favor.The vase is filled with candy conversation hearts that serve as support for a beautiful bouquet of flowers.This shows the absolutely head over heels love that you feel for your new spouse and will really get your guest

How to Decorate a Flower Cake Pan

Bake a cake in a shaped pan to add a third dimension to your cake designs. Flower-shaped cake pans are sold with other specialty cake supplies such as fondant and icing color at cooking and baking or craft stores. These cake pans will produce a cake from the same box of mix or recipe for a two-layer

10 Top Tips for a Cheap Wedding

With the average cost of a traditional wedding in the UK said to be about 11,000 pounds, it makes sense to try and keep the costs down where possible. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of ten money saving ideas for a cheap wedding.

How to Make a Centerpiece From Rose Heads

Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party or a formal affair for a large group of people, add interest to the tables of the event with centerpieces. A centerpiece transforms an ordinary table into an eye-catching display where friends and family will enjoy gathering. Roses are often used as d

Wedding Unity Ceremonies

A wedding is all about the joining of two into one. Not just two individuals, either, but two whole families. Many weddings now include a special ritual to demonstrate the blending that the marriage represents. Take a look at these wedding unity ceremonies that can be added to any marriage service.

Asian Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Asian weddings are frequently elaborate and are strongly associated with traditions. Every detail is treated with importance, and one aspect of the preparation includes the hairstyle of the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids are never meant to outshine the bride, but since they create an impact on the ove

Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

Looking for creative wedding favors that you can easily make yourself?Here are five great wedding favor craft ideas that will save you money without sacrificing style.

Birthday Party Ideas for a Senior

Birthday parties for older people can have fun themes.on the birthday image by Alexey Klementiev from <a href=''></a>While all birthdays are special in some way, once people reach their senior years, there can be a lot more to celebrate....

How to Make a Centerpiece With Curly Willow

Curly willow branches works for everything from elegant to rustic centerpieces. The natural, dried branches feature an enchanting twisted appearance, which makes for creative and eye-catching table decor. You can incorporate fresh flowers and greenery into the willow branch display to add vibrancy a

How to Make a Bridal Veil

Whether you are looking to save money wedding expenses or interested in having a customized look when you walk down the aisle, you might want to consider making your own veil. Making a unique and beautiful veil is easier than you may think with our tutorial!

Customize Your Wedding With a Family Crest

Every couple wants their wedding to be special and unique. A great way to achieve this is by using a personalized detail that is exclusive to you and your wedding. One of the most interesting motifs to use in your wedding is your family crest.