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Paternity and Child Custody Rights of Fathers

Paternity is simply defined as being the biological father of a child.While the term is easily defined, the subject of paternity is complex.Fathers have many rights in paternity cases.If you are the father of a child you can file a lawsuit to ensure that your parental rights are protected.

Information on Fancy Dress Costumes

No matter what age you are going to a fancy dress party doesn't have an age limit. People across the globe throw theme parties just to get away from their busy world and spend some good time with their friends and family member. Fancy dress parties and competition have been around for centuries

Office Party Games to Break the Ice and Have Great Party

If you're worried about having another uptight party with your colleagues from the office, party games can break the ice. Here are a few fun and interesting ideas for office party games that will really liven up your next work function- they are especially good at larger functions where not eve

Custom Printed Champagne Flutes for Special Events

Custom printed champagneglasses will always add a touch of style, substance and cultivated beauty when toasting a special event such as the union of a couple during a wedding. That's because champagne is generally reserved for important occasions such as weddings or other events that merit a ce

Step Parenting - Building a Successful Blended Family

Couples with children often enter a second marriage erroneously thinking their new family will function just like an ordinary biological family, and that everything and everyone will integrate quickly. They may expect children who are the same age to become close friends or an only child to be overj

Face Painting Stencils - Have Fun and Save Money by Making Your Own!

If you've done any face painting or are looking to get started, you may already have heard of using face painting stencils for fabulous face paintings that kids love. Stencils can make face painting very quick and can simplify the more complex designs to make them achievable for any skill level

Birthday Cakes - Adding Fun to Food

A birthday just isn't a birthday if the ceremony doesn't include the most sumptuous ingredient of cakes. It doesn't take much to figure out the reason behind the popularity of cakes as the demand for these baked delights maintain an all time high at bakeries all over the world.

Batman Theme Birthday Party Idea - Bat Cave Optional!

"Holy birthday party ideas, Batman!" There isn't a little boy I know who grew up without wanting to be batman at one time or another. The character of the Batman by DC comics is simply one of the most alluring characters to play.

Falling In Love Too Fast

If in almost every relationship you enter, you fall in love within a couple weeks or even days, you must ask yourself; are you really in love?

Girls Angel Costume - All Girls Dream of Being Angels

Girls Angel Costumes are just the cutest outfits for Halloween or for Christmas concerts. I know my daughter and her girlfriends just love being Angels as they think they are angelic, sweet, gentle and of course beautiful. Most people think angels are white which they are in Heaven but now days girl

Easy Food & Party Planning Secrets

Having a successful party actually starts long before the first guest arrives. Food party planning is the most important thing you can do to ensure your party is an enormous success. It's not hard, I'll show you how...

Grandmother Rights to Grandchildren - The Law of Birthright

Do we not fondly remember grandmothers who gave us many of our treasured, joyful memories...wise, elderly women who loved us unconditionally? The comfort of her lap as she gently rocked our tears away after a scolding from mommy or daddy... trips to the lake, hiking the trails, building sandcastles