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Copywriting 101

Attention Entrepreneurs! The following copywriting techniques will provide your company with the basic foundation for selling with words! How?? Creativity. Stressing Benefits. Knowing your audience.

What Can A Dui Lawyer Do?

DUI Lawyer Los Angeles. The purpose of a DUI lawyer is to abide the law saying that you have the right to an attorney. Angeles DUI

Public Speaking Problems - Aerosol Eyes Part II

Average speakers have trained most groups to think of a presentation as something where they are indeed observers to a performance.And as such, most people come to a presentation and from the very beginning they settle into a removed state.

Submit your articles to Microjob Blog for free!

Now, we all know that article writing is one of the best and most common way to advertise your site online. By writing articles and publishing them, these articles can promote your products or generate ...

How to Write 10 Articles in One Day

As an online article author you know that you need 1,000 or more articles to really guarantee your success, not only for high-quality and targeted traffic links coming in, but also to insure that you reach your targeted audience through online article information selling strategies.

Lots of Web Traffic, Slow Sales? Get Better Sales Copy

Some web-masters may find that even after spending a lot of time and possibly money to build the "perfect" landing page, and then getting that page to rank highly in the search results find that it still doesn't do what they want it to (convert visitor to buyers). It may be great to h

4 Great Secrets Of Press Release Writing

Like all other trades, the business of press release writing also has its own treasured secrets. Learning about four great secrets of press release writing could do your prospects a world of good.

How to Get Your Book Rejected, Part One

Please know that when I pass on a manuscript, the decision is not borne of a desire to be sadistic or hurtful to authors. You won't find me in a dungeon lit by a single bulb, cackling with glee as manuscript after manuscript is stabbed repeatedly with a rubber stamped marked PASS. Our staff is

Write In Spite

When the unexpected happens don't let that derail your writing. Use these tips to help keep you writing moving forward.

Tabriz Rugs: Generating The Oriental Charm

The carpets that were built within the past decades ended up being the very best kinds but the quality in the rugs have decreased specifically right after 1945. Previously the dyeing course of action used vegetable dye but in the current times the companies normally use chemical dyes for that rugs.C

Businesses are Asking: To Blog or Not to Blog?

Businesses are Asking: To Blog or Not to Blog? That's the question lots of people are asking - and the answers are as varied as all the blogs out there in cyberspace. Oh, and in ...