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Beginners digital photography tips

If you are beginner in digital photography then you should be read this article, This article deals with basic tips that you need to follow when you take digital picture.

Munch Paintings

Edvard Munch is a famous Norwegian artist from the 19th and 20th centuries who is best remembered for his classic work, The Scream. Munch paintings are covered in full in this extensive article which includes all his most famous paintings.

Weather Changes Offer Great Opportunities for Artists

Have you ever thought about how changes in weather offers remarkable painting and drawing opportunities for artists? It really makes the prospect of going out into the countryside to see changes in the world outside the art studio exciting.

Tips on Painting From a Photograph

Here are a few tips about painting a picture using a photograph as the starting point. Think about these points before beginning your painting for the best result.

Girl With a Pearl Earring: A Valuable Piece of Art by Vermeer

Paintings hold a valuable space in our lives. Paintings which are painted whole-heartedly by some renowned painters hold a special position in the history of paintings. In fact, they are praised for the ultimate work till date. While talking about famous paintings till date, it is quite mandatory to

Newborn And Wedding Photography In Sydney

There are a number of studios that specialize in portrait photography in Sydney. But newborn and wedding photography requires a greater deal of skill. It is important that the photographer captures the emotions and romance ...

Webcomic Inking in Light and Shadow

I recently finished a new batch of strips that make me nervous. The reason is that I am trying to implement more light and shadow into Black Rainbow. This has proven challenging because light and ...

Canvas Painting Tips - How to Prime a Canvas

Beginner artists must learn how to prime a new canvas before even a drop of paint is applied. This process neutralizes the material's natural tan hue so that it does not undesirably alter the overall coloring of the painting. Priming also serves to create an even look to the final painting by m

Paintings Vs Prints - Why Hand-Painted Canvases Are More Desirable

Canvas oil paintings, which are individually hand-painted original works of art, have a number of advantages over store-bought mass produced framed and matted prints. While limited edition prints, autographed and numbered by the creating artist, are valuable and collectible, typical prints that can

His Most Famous Painting (Midnight Black Wolf) - Robert Bateman

Canadian naturalist and painter Robert Bateman was born in Toronto, Canada, on May 24, 1930. Since childhood, he has been interested in wildlife and art. He was initially inspired by the famous "Group of Seven," a club of Canadian 'Realistic' painters. Bateman perfected the art o

Drawing and sketching with Charcoal

When the vast majority of people draw or sketch, they pick up a graphite pencil. I guess the humble pencil is a very familiar and comfortable tool to work with, but charcoal can produce much better re