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The History of the Book Cover Design

There was a time when books were bound by wood and covers were made of leather or even gold. But things began to change in the early 1800s, when cloth and paper came into play.

What to NOT Name Your Freelance Copywriting Business

Many years ago when I first began freelancing, I struggled over what to name my copywriting business. The first name for my one-man shop was Chris Marlow and Associates. Although there were no associates, I ...

How to Increase Your Reading Speed for Free

There are several techniques for increasing your reading speed that you can practice at home for free. Becoming faster and more efficient at reading will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Some of these techniques involve training yourself to use different reading strategies a

Fox and Wayne

A photo gallery of the upcoming film The Dark Knight by Warner Bros. Based on the Batman character from DC Comics.

Sacramento Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Porcelain is quite related to enamel in both optical properties and sturdiness. Normal teeth have a distinctive luster simply because the enamel layer covering them is slightly translucent. When light falls on teeth, it penetrates ...

How to Put Comic Books in Lots

Comic books aren't only a popular medium for modern storytelling---the right ones can be a valuable commodity. A convenient method for emptying that attic full of old comics is to sell them in lots. By properly organizing a collection, you not only save yourself the time and effort of selling books

How to Make Pop-Up Dinosaur Printouts

Whether you are looking for a rainy day craft for you and your children, want a fun way to teach students about dinosaurs or need an unique, homemade birthday card idea, making a pop-up dinosaur printout requires little time and effort on your part. Using images from the Internet or handmade drawing

Books to Grow With

Books to Grow With: A Guide to Using the Best Children's Fiction for Everyday Issues and Tough Challenges by Cheryl Coon is a helpful guide to children's books, both picture books and chapter books, that parents, teachers, and others can use to select appropriate children's books that

WEB 2.0 GO!

&bull Use cuter, stylistic fonts - A mark of a world wide web 2. style and design is its adorable and stylistic fonts. Gone are the hard edged fonts or the older style print fonts. ...


I have summarised Chris Carpenter's google cash ecourse in 11 parts at [] Chris Carpenter is the author of 'Google Cash'. His ECourse has lots of information explaining the Google Cash System, answers to ...

How to Get a Bookmark Icon on Blogspot

Adding social bookmarking icons to each blog post you create enables you to share your work with the click of a button. After reading your post, your readers can click an icon and share your information to the respective social networking site. Blogger (Blogspot) comes with five social networking ic

An Evaluation of the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The Thing That Makes the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym a Good Purchase? Extensive Attention: The Bowflex Blaze, as it targets of each of the muscle mass groups with its sixty exercises, is actually a multi-purpose ...

Writing a Profit Pulling Copy

You cannot have a successful internet marketing campaign without good copywriting. In some cases, internet marketers have risen to the top of their field simply because of their copywriting abilities. By improving your sales copy, ...

The Importance of Minor Characters

Any discussion about the importance of minor characters to a novel, film or play, begins with a discussion about characters in general. Characters -- the people that inhabit the story -- must be well-rounded, realistic and should resonate with the reader. The reader should connect with all the chara

A great On the internet hypnosis Review

Go at minimum eight hours a day without having smoking cigarettes (when we snooze)Not smoke when we go on a lengthy flight (You are not allowed)Be smoke free for a number of hrs although in ...

How to Pop Balloons

If you simply want to pop an excess of balloons that are left after a party, celebration or marketing campaign, then there are a few very efficient methods you can use. Bursting them with a needle or sharp knife is quick, and a cigarette lighter will make short work of them too. There are more inter

Inspiring Short Love Poems

Whether you're writing short love poems, love words, romantic messages or anything else, you must write about what inspires you.You find that through emotions.Emotions are the fuel of inspiration.

Aloe Vera Imbibe in the Direction of Constipation

Each time it comes concerning bowel movements, it is better just before praise that every one of character is contrary good expound is not a separated bowel construct that can recline described in view of ...