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Creole Seasoning Ingredients

Creole seasoning flavors a variety of dishes.riz creole image by rachid amrous-spleen from Fotolia.comCreole seasoning adds flavor and kick to Cajun recipes and other dishes, especially when the seasoning is made from scratch. Many variations exist for flavorful homemade creole seasoning...

Wine: The Essence Of Fine Dining

Essential to all human life, culture and their respective civilizations have been fine dining and extravagant beverages. This is as much true today as it was since the very early prehistoric human civilization.

What Is the Best Way to Braise Steaks When Cooking?

Braising steak does require a little know-how because there is a process that must be followed in order for it to be done right. People braise meat because they want to turn a tougher cut of meat into a more tender, flavorful entree. To braise steak properly, you will need a few kitchen tools, and i

A Brief History of the Origins of the Mustard Seed

One of the significant uses of the mustard seed is for pickling seasoning for various types of vegetables and non-vegetarian material like meat. The flavors of garlic, aprika, turmeric, and salt are i

How to Grill Pearl Onions

Grilling pearl onions requires you to keep them suspended above the flames without falling through the grates. You can accomplish this with skewers or a grill grid. A grill grid works the same as a grill grate but uses a cross-hatched pattern of metal to keep small foods, such as pearl onions, from

How to Make Ice Cream With a Green Star Juicer

The Green Star Juicer has many uses, along with juicing whole foods it can also be used to make healthy ice cream. The twin gears in the Green Star Juicer make it not only possible but also easy-to-make ice cream.

How to Make Fondant Calla Lily Leaves

Fondant calla lilies add a touch of elegance to any cake. Unlike real or artificial silk flowers, fondant is completely edible and is made from sugar, water, shortening and gelatin. Making the calla lily leaves from fondant requires a bit of patience as well as practice, but the end product is bea

Baked Stuffed Pork Chops

Pork chops are stuffed with a bread stuffing mixture then baked with barbecue sauce. The chops are topped with peaches just before they're finished.

How to Clean Mussels Before Eating

Gritty mussels need no longer trouble you. Proper preparation and cleaning of these mollusks before eating them rids them of dirt inside and keeps them alive until cooking. Once cleaned, you can choose any of your favorite preparation and eating methods, but the fastest and easiest is steaming them.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Dairy-Free Cakes. This collection of dairy-free cake recipes is perfect for people with lactose-intolerance, milk allergies, and vegans, filled with dairy free cakes suitable for birthdays and other celebrations.

Wineries In Canada: A Surprise For Wine Lovers

Majority of people visiting Canada, especially those who believe Canada is always under a blanket of snow throughout the year, are in for a surprise when they get to know that wine is produced on a very major scale in Canada.

How to Make Duck Soup

Duck soup originally was a Chinese soup made from duck bones in a broth. It has evolved over the years to a Polish version as well as a watered down American version that is much like chicken soup with a few small additions. This recipe is a mixture of the old Chinese soup and the new American versi

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream With Rock Salt

Homemade ice cream is a part of many a family backyard BBQ. Making homemade ice cream is a time-consuming process, but the final result is worth the time. When making ice cream at home, you can use whatever flavors are available: fresh fruit, nuts, cookies or simple creamy vanilla.With the aid

How to Store Uncooked Lobster Tails

Proper storage of lobster meat will preserve the tenderness and flavor of this popular shellfish. When selecting live lobsters, look for those that appear active, with a tail that curls under when the lobster is picked up. Shelled lobster that has been cleaned and prepared for freezing will keep for