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The Importance Of Electrotherapy Equipment

In order for a physical therapist to give you the best treatment possible, they will usually provide you with a combination of manual therapy and treatment used through electrotherapy equipment. In fa

Accessible Airline Rankings

A list of airlines by order of the number of complaints filed against them by disabled travelers. The types of complaints that are filed by disabled airline passengers to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Walking Sticks From 1500 to 1700

While canes are still status symbols following the Middle Ages, as well as communications of power, and at times ceremonial, they become seen as significant fashion accessories from 1500 to 1700. Canes unique to ladies also are seen.

Blow Away Arch Pain And Strain

Our foot has two types of arches. One is longitudinal and another is transversal. There are few insignificant activities and movements that can cause your foot to ache.

Joint Replacement Treatment In India

Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint to putting in a new one.The most common joint replacement are shoulder,knee and hip.The joint replacement surgery usually done by orthopedic surgeon.The doctors will reform of the ...

Mobility Needs and Solutions Around the Home

Life circumstances vary from family to family, and so does space around homes where there is a person who requires a better layout due to a physical challenge. Modern construction keeps in perspective a more open layout to move around, unlike older homes. However, for individuals of families living

How Do You Know You Have Dyspraxia?

WHAT IS DYSPRAXIA? Dyspraxia is a complex disorder in which individuals lack coordination of their motor activities, speech, judgment, body balance and movements. In these individuals, the various cognitive skills such as memory, perception, thought processes are usually impaired, although the intel

Different Types of Disability Equipment

Suffering from a disability can make carrying out simple, everyday tasks very difficult. Fortunately, there is plenty of disability equipment available which can help to restore freedom and self-confidence in individuals who suffer from disabilities. Mobility aids for disabled people are particularl

Stannah Stairlift Battery Power

Is your Stannah Stairlift showing weird symptoms like Stannah 420 Model alarm will not go off, or perhaps a Stannah stairlift not rising up? Or, maybe the digits on the Stannah control unit are going all over the place?..

How to Get a Handicapped Parking Placard

If you are permanently impaired or temporarily disabled due to an injury, accident or illness, you are eligible to place a handicapped placard in your vehicle. The placard allows you to park in spaces reserved for the disabled, convenient to business entrances and wheelchair ramps. People with injur

Living With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

In a world that has been consistently and admirably trying to better itself for people with disabilities, the knowledge among the general population about intellectual and developmental disabilities is still remarkably limited. For those new to these terms, here is a quick overview.

Disabilities Grant for Disabled People I heartily dedicated to that person who is with disabilities. I want their same integration in every aspect of life like political

Different Types Of Drugs Used In Ms Treatment

Multiple sclerosis affects the nervous system and inhibits the brain from communicating with other nerve cells. When someone develops MS the immune system attacks your own body.

Handicap Stair Lifts Can Make Your Life A Lot Better

The handicapped and aged have various accessibility problems. Climbing stairs is one of them. It is quite impossible for them to move up and down the stairs since it causes a lot of pain. For ...

What Exactly Is Best For Your Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Suffering from an ACL injury is very devastating not just to athletes but also to common people. ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of the essential ligaments that connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. It has a vital role to the movement and balance of your knee. This basically indicates t