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Depression : Health & Medical

Symptoms of Depression, Causes and Treatment

Depression can be very difficult to deal with, it affects the person, their family and friends. The symptoms of depression can be very mild to extreme in each case they need to be addressed and treated.

Panic Attack Treatments - What Are The Options?

Are you looking for practicable panic attack treatments? The following tips should help you get just that! The first step to deal with a problem like a panic attack is to know the attack itself. Panic attacks are caused by a wide range of reasons. In line with that, panic attack treatments can vary

Can Exercise Cure Depression?

Sadly, millions of Americans are battling with depression. It's common that people who suffer from this problem try to treat it with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or drugs (legal and illegal). But what if depression could be treated with exercise? It certainly would eliminate the consequences tha

A Natural Approach to Solving Depression

Depression is a condition that currently affects many Americans and if you are one of them you know how hard it can be just to get through the day sometimes. There are many great pharmacological solutions on the market, but they come with costly side effects that can leave you feeling worse.

Depression Due To Unemployment - A Glance

Unemployment is one of the greatest vices of the global world. The onset of globalization has also set in the unequal distribution of income. The competition is cut throat and the pressure to excel is maximum.

'Burn-Out' - The Anatomy of a Breakdown

There is an affliction gaining notoriety which affects hard working people and it has therapists often baffled and unable to read the signals a patient is relaying. The end result is a terrible state of inertness with intensive medical treatment and a very slow recovery. Therefore, a person heading

What Anxiety and Depression Entails

Anxiety and depression are the two common mental illnesses diagnosed in the states and in whole world at large. Both of them have devastating results that are difficult to live with.

Pizza Delivery Bags-do They Work

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How Losing Weight Can Provide Help for Depression

Did you know that help for depression can come from something as simple as losing weight? A review of thirty-one studies on weight loss by American researchers presented evidence that depressed obese or overweight individuals who shed pounds also end up shedding symptoms of depression, as well.

Depression is a Mind-Set

The brain works by neurotransmitters such as serotonin. These are the biochemical reactions that allow the neurons to communicate. However, neurotransmitters are merely the chemical boats that carry the learned associations from one neuron to another.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression - Know to Help

Signs of depressions need to be recognized, they need to be referred to a psychologists. People with symptoms of depression have known to commit suicide. Depression doesn't mean you are crack or mad.

The Fifth Agreement

The Fifth Agreement is to live like today was your last day on earth. Breath the air that was bestowed upon you and make the best of every moment.

Best Depression Cures - Finding What is Right For You to Help You Start Again

Why do you think depressed people are so unhappy with their standard conventional anti depressants such as Xanax, Zoloft and Prozac? Why do they take so long to get over depression, if they ever do? These are rather important questions and they must be answered. Let me try and answer them in this ar

Curing a Mental Illness Like Depression or Neurosis Through Dream Therapy

You may believe that you are depressed for many personal reasons, but you basically become depressed because you understand how weak you are. You cannot change the world. You cannot change the people around you. You are an insignificant and impotent creature. Depression is your first step towards wi

Deal With Stress the Natural Way

Stress has become a normal part of life in today's society. It has been reported that almost 50% of people are concerned with the level of stress in their lives. Many don't know how to handle or reduce stress and anxiety in their lives and so continue without addressing it until it has a n

Depression - Warning Signs

There are two popularly held explanations for the feelings of sadness, withdrawal, or lethargy characteristic of depression. Both explanations have to do with the levels of neurotransmitters or chemical messengers in the brain.

St. John's Wort for Treating Depression

Is St. John's wort a good alternative to antidepressants? Learn more from WebMD about the mood-boosting potential of this common herbal remedy.