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Tirer une carotte

It's not a trick, just click to learn about the idiomatic French expression tirer une carotte.


A rhetorical term for the direct exposure of an adversary's faults.

Purple flower float

Nice Carnival is the largest winter event on the French Riviera. In 2009, Carnaval de Nice took place from 13 February to 1 March, and the theme was Roi des Mascarades (King of Masquerades).

What Makes a Word a Word?

What makes a word a word (as opposed to just an unintelligible sequence of sounds or letters) is that it conveys a meaning.

What Is Homonymy?

Homonymy is the relation between words with identical forms but different meanings--that is, the condition of being homonyms.

How to Say "Love" in Italian

If you're looking to widen your foreign vocabulary or at least impress a member of your preferred gender, then consider learning how to say "love" in Italian. Italy is hailed as one of the most romantic countries in the world. From the intimate gondolas of Venice to the magnificent castles of Tuscan

Foreign Language Voice Overs-possible Today

In the current era of globalization, one can not run a successful business limiting the business to a specific segment of people or a specific region alone. You have to be competitive and compete with different products or service providers of different countries. You need to take help from voice ov

une bâtisse

What does the French word bâtisse mean? How is it pronounced and used?

tense shift

Changing from one verb tense to another (usually from present to past, or vice versa) within a sentence or paragraph.

How to Write a Letter in Old English

Writing a letter in Old English is much like writing a letter in any language. However, one must remember that Old English (aka Anglo-Saxon or Anglish) is a dead language, meaning that very few people aside from certain linguistics, English, and history scholars read or speak the language anymore. O


The first letter of a word or name or of each word in a phrase.