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How to Install Updates to XP

Even though Windows XP is no longer the standard operating system that comes on new computers, Microsoft still releases updates for the XP operating system. These updates can help to prevent Windows XP from crashing unexpectedly. The Windows XP updates can also increase the security of the operating

How Do I Install a Cakewalk UM1G USB MIDI Interface?

MIDI is a computer protocol that allows electronic devices to communicate musical information to each other. The information contained within MIDI is instructions to other MIDI-capable devices to produce sounds of a specified frequency, volume and duration. MIDI devices are popular in recording proj

Registry Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the registry will help maintain your computer's high performance and functionality.motherboard image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comA computer registry acts as the brain for the computer's operating system. This database controls almost every function dealing with the operation...

How to Set the Startup Programs in OS X

Startup programs, called "login items" in the Mac OS X operating system, are the applications that launch automatically when you start up the computer and log in to a user account. Many Mac users have only one user account that logs in automatically, so the login items launch when the computer star

How to Make a Windows 7 Boot Disc

A Operating System boot disc is a CD capable of booting and running a computer's operating system. These discs are used in computer diagnostics and analysis because they don't require the hard drive to load the operating system. Computer technicians can run various tools and programs that analyze th

How to Install Frontpage 2003

Developed by Microsoft, FrontPage 2003 allows users of all skill levels to create and publish websites. For beginners, FrontPage offers a visual design mode that supports the point-and-click creation and editing of text, images, tables and other layout elements. More advanced users can use the progr

How to Disable OpenOffice Startup

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems and now maintained by Oracle, the free and open-source OpenOffice suite offers many productivity software tools, including a word processor, a spreadsheet application and programs that support the creation of presentations and databases. By default, the softw

How to Recover Crcdisk.Sys From an XP Dual Boot

Crcdisk.sys is an error that can occur during the Vista startup sequence, rendering that operating system unusable on your dual boot XP/Vista computer. You'll recover the issue by using your Vista disc to completely wipe and repair your installation of Vista, a process that takes around 30 to 60 min

How Can I Format a New Toshiba PC?

Formatting your new Toshiba PC can be necessary when you wish to remove the additional programs that have been installed by the manufacturer, leaving you with nothing but a clean hard drive upon which to reinstall a copy of your Windows operating system. You can do this from within DOS through the u

How to Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

This is a simple easy to use guide to help you to change and customize your windows 7 logon screen. Mine is currently the matrix, and most people do not know how to change this at all.By the end of this article, you too should know How To Change Windows 7 Logon Screen.

How to Install Software Without Group Policy

Although group policy can help to restrict software installations, a system without a group policy is free to install many different software items without being confined by policy restrictions. Without group policy to specifically allow or deny an action, you must run the installer as an administra

How to Remove the Control Panel From a Full Screen Using VLC

When you play multimedia in VLC, you may prefer to have full access to the program's control panel while watching the video in a window. VLC's control panel elements allow you to change how the video is displayed. If you view the video in full screen however, you might not want these control panel w

How to Fix Too Little Virtual Memory in Windows

There are times when any version of Windows can run unexpectedly slow even if the computer system meets all of the recommended requirements. You will notice this when your system starts to slow down or freeze at random points, or you see a message at the bottom right of your screen indicating your v

How to Remove Blank Icons From the Menu in Ubuntu

The open source Ubuntu operating system utilizes GNOME for desktop interface and graphics management. Ease of customization is one of the primary reasons GNOME is used, as Ubuntu aims to offer users an operating system that can be adjusted to fit the needs of any user. With just a few mouse clicks,

How to Get Rid of Spector Pro

Spector Pro is an excellent tool for system administrators that must tightly monitor a high security network, especially if their policy requires that all electronic communications including email, instant messaging, web access and keyboard input is tracked and recorded. For troubleshooting or to re

How to Cleanup Internet History

A Web browser helps you navigate through the Internet. With a browser, you can access new websites, email friends, and search for essential information online. Browsers store information such as cache files, cookies, and passwords from the websites you visit to facilitate the browsing process. Howev

How to Install a Windows 2000 Data Center Server

Windows 2000 DataCenter Server is one incarnation of the Windows 2000 Server line of operating systems, much as Windows XP Professional is one type of Windows XP. Installing the DataCenter version of Windows 2000 to your computer enables you to more effectively manage your computing network. This pr

How to Extract Logitech Drivers Without a SetPoint

Every hardware device installed on a computer needs a number of files, called drivers, in order to operate correctly. A driver is a set of specific files that allows the device, such as a mouse or keyboard, to interact with the other components of the PC. The SetPoint program made by Logitech is an

The Bottom Taskbar Is Missing in Windows XP

Windows XP becomes a lot harder to use when you can't see or find the taskbar. The taskbar is that helpful blue bar across the bottom that has your clock, Start button and a list of all of your active programs. It can disappear for a few different reasons, sometimes due to an error or software probl

How to Correct a Bad Screen Resolution

The resolution on a computer screen is a delicate balance between quality and quantity. If you set the resolution to one of the best and highest settings available, the result is very sharp, crisp letters and pictures on-screen. Unfortunately, the size of those clear objects can diminish, to the poi