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How to Install Cecilia

Cecilia is a graphic user interface that works with the audio software Csound, used to create interfaces that enable the user to edit instruments and sounds. Installing Cecilia on your Macintosh running OS 10.2 or higher is a simple process that should have you using the program in no time.

How Secure Are USB Flash Drives?

In today's digital market the need for secure data is becoming more of a necessity. In recent times there have been headlines on the news where companies have lost data in the post or left it on a train, but would it of been such a worry if the data was secure? It is inevitable that at some poi

Ferrari-fo200-313g25n Notebook From Acer

Regardless that there are actually promising challengers, Ferrari FO200-313G25N even now shocks everyone with its cool style and anything else.

How to Make a Shocked Smiley

Smileys or emoticons, as they are mostly called, are used in instant messengers, emails, texts and almost anywhere online where you want to communicate with friends. You can use them to express emotion and attitude when words cannot describe your feelings. Emoticons say it for you with a sideways si

How do I Connect a Laptop Air Card?

Air cards are used on laptops, PDAs and personal computers to connect to the Internet wirelessly. These cards are connected to laptops through one of the USB slots and uses installed software to connect to the Web in some cases. These cards require a service plan through cell phone providers before

How to Customize 8.9 Laptop Skin

Cell phone skins have been around for awhile, but the new "it" customization option is laptop or netbook skins. Stickers big enough and safe enough to stick onto your laptop of any size can be created easily online with just a few clicks of your mouse. Various websites offer the ability to add your

Will it Speed Up My Computer If I Add Memory to It?

You may notice, over time, that your computer runs more slowly than it did upon first purchasing it. Computers are quick to become obsolete, with newer and faster models coming out incredibly frequently. However, you may not want to purchase a completely new computer. Instead, you have the option of

How to Erase CDRW Discs

CD-RWs are recordable CDs that can store a variety of files from your personal computer. With most computers equipped with CD-burning drives, transferring your favorite files is made simple. The benefit of CD-RWs is that they can be erased and recorded over with new data multiple times.

How to Setup & Install an AGP Graphics Card

Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) cards are a popular video-card format. AGP cards are not only faster than their closest rival, PCI cards, but offer overall better performance, reports, a website dedicated to personal computer technology. Most new motherboards come standard with AGP s

Ubuntu and Streaming TV

For the most part, streaming services work fine on Ubuntu, either using clients that are multi-platform -- such as Boxee or Hulu Desktop -- or streaming from directly in your browser. Websites like YouTube, Veoh and MegaVideo all work on Ubuntu, without anything more than Flash installed on your sys

How to Connect a Belkin Router to a Computer With No Ethernet

Belkin International, Inc. has been a manufacturer of computer hardware since 1983, and in the past two decades specialized in networking devices and components geared to the home use market. Since the early 2000s, Belkin has produced a wide-array of Internet routers for use in the home and small bu

How Do I Find Out My Router's WEP Key?

Security is a key consideration when connecting to the Internet. All commercially available network routers have this in mind and will encourage web surfers to create a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key when setting up their devices. Wireless LANs are vulnerable to tampering due to how they conne

The Advantages of Input Devices

Computer Keyboardkeyboard #4 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.comComputer technology continues to evolve and enables people to interact with computers more efficiently. Much of computer interaction is made possible with the use of input devices---small electronic equipment that is...

How to Move Time Machine Backup to a Different Hard Drive

Time Machine is an automatic backup system used with Apple's OS X. The application uses a portable hard drive plugged into a USB port to back up all of your data automatically, noting everything that changes on the computer every hour. If your hard drive fills up and you need more space, you can mov

How to Repair a Microsoft Mouse

A computer mouse allows you to control the cursor on the screen. The mouse enables you to click on words, icons and files to open them. When your mouse is not operating correctly, it can be frustrating. It is possible to repair a Microsoft mouse when it is not functioning correctly by following a fe

Options for Your Storing and Duplicating Data

Two (2) of the most reliable data storage devices are USB sticks and compact disks (CD). This is because these are also the most portable of all the options you have. Hence, what this means ...

How to Remove a Job From the Print Queue

Windows XP/Vista control panel tools allow you to pause, resume/restart and cancel pending printer jobs. The printer queue contains information about document name, size, owner and printing status. As soon as a document is completely sent to a printer, it's automatically removed from the queue.

How to Add a Flash Drive to an EEE PC

EEE PC is an inexpensive lineup of laptop computer systems. The computers run Windows and have several USB connection ports installed. If you have a flash drive and want to use it on the EEE PC, you need to properly connect the external hardware to the computer. Once connected, the flash drive funct

My Mouse Won't Work on LimeWire

Limewire is one of the more commonly used peer-to-peer networks on the Internet. The program allows you to access media stored on other peoples' computers and also gives them access to your "Shared" folder. Limewire can sometimes act unpredictably and your mouse may stop working while the program is