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How to Create Glazes With Acrylic Paints

Painting with acrylics can be such a joy. Due to their versatility you can create nearly any effect possible. But unless you know how to create that effect it can be difficult since working with acrylics is nothing like working with oils or watercolors. Painting with glazes in oils is

Characteristics of Tribal Art

Ethnographic or "tribal art," also known as primitive art, shares distinct characteristics around the world. Tribal art comes from regions in North, Central and South America, Oceania and Africa. Villages and tribes isolated politically and economically, relying mostly on oral traditions and hunter-

How to Draw a Salmon

Salmon are a large family of fish that live along the coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The subtlety of their elongated oval shape and dynamic sets of fins provide a captivating challenge for artists. The several species of salmon have varying forms but all contain an essential shape. You c

How to Learn to Draw a Rose Step by Step for Kids

Learn to draw a rose step by step and amaze teachers and parents. You don't have to be a brilliant artist or even a so-so artist. You just have to have the ability to draw dashes and lines. It's simple. No, it's not completely realistic looking, but it certainly gets the point across. This article e

Step-by-Step on Drawing an Aircraft

Though an airplane is large in size and seems intricate in design, you can draw one by breaking it down into small steps, as an airplane is basically just a combination of shapes. When drawing an airplane, use a pencil so you can erase mistakes.To best draw an airplane, draw it from an aerial and si

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009 – O'Malley and Cloonan

Comics artist Bryan Lee O'Malley at Toronto Comics Arts Festival 2009. See photos of highlights from TCAF 2009 at The Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Canada, including the crowds of fans, publishers, creative comics creators from Europe, North America, Japan and much more.

How to Tint Paint Colors

You might think that tinting your paint is a specialized task best left to the professionals, but you can easily tint your own paints at home. It's best done when you are trying to use some old paint, and are not extremely particular about the final color. For example, if you have some white paint a

Natsume's Book of Friends, Seasons 1 & 2

A charming, good-natured series that uses a stock concept -- a young man who can see spirits is tasked with taming them -- to give us something that's anything but stock.

10 San Diego Comic-Con Survival Tips

Attending San Diego Comic-Con is a lot of fun, but a little advance planning can make the difference between aggravation and satisfaction. See my time-tested San Diego Comic-Con survival tips and make the most out of your trip to America's biggest and best comics, sci-fi, games and collectibles

How to Sew Stretch Vinyl

Stretch vinyl is a fairly new product on the fashion scene. Patent vinyl cloth has gained popularity in fashion design due to the sleek look and flexibility for use in a wide range of garments. The cloth is made of two layers, one shiny side and one a cloth-like backing.

How to Preserve a Phonograph

In 1877, Thomas Edison developed the phonograph by combining two other inventions, the telephone and the telegraph. By turning the handles and shouting into the horn, the phonograph recorded sound by forming indentations on the circular path of the metal and tin foil cylinder. Due to its originality

Capspray Gun Instructions

High-volume, low-pressure CAPspray guns are specially designed to minimize overspray. These instruments are primarily used by professional painters seeking to minimize preparatory work and maximize profits, but are appropriate for personal use as well. The gun produces a fine aerosolized paint solut

A Lesson on How to Paint Tulips in Oil

Tulips are beautiful, colorful flowers that embody the essence of spring and Easter. The array of colors and the relatively simple shape of the tulip make it an ideal subject for even beginning artists. A brief Internet search will produce many examples of tulips used in oil paintings. It's easy to

How to Google Free Movies Online

The Internet has allowed free movies to be available to its users. There are literally thousands of free movies online. You just need to know how and where to look. Don't get caught using illegal share ware for finding free movies. Downloading free online movies illegally can get you in a lot of tro

How to Stop Odor and Smell From Oil-Based Paint

Oil paint releases fumes called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These fumes can cause headaches, dizziness and a possible blackout. According to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, or EPA, oil-based paints also can irritate the eyes and skin, even causing the skin to crackle. Removing these

How to Paint a Turntable

For the serious record collector, picking out the right turntable is both an art and a science. It must look cool and sound great. But many vintage turntables made from hard plastic material often experience major paint degradation over time. This can both devalue the turntable and make it look unat

How to Oil Paint Ducks

Painting ducks in oil paint is part of a long artistic tradition. Ducks are the subject of many realist painters from the Dutch Golden Age. They are features of Impressionist oil paintings by Mary Cassat, Claude Monet and Eduord Manet. Some of the most famous oil paintings of ducks are by John James