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How Do I Replace the Battery Inside the Key Fob?

Your key fob is designed to unlock, lock, open the trunk or even start your vehicle from a distance. Over time, the battery will begin to die, and the distance from which you can perform these functions will begin to get shorter and shorter. One day, it may even stop working altogether. On most cars

The Car Audio Electronic Systems

The hardest part of this process is the decision of what to add, what kind, and everything that regards with this car audio system. There are several stores that are specialized with the car audio systems, you can visit these stores and see what are the possible add on audios that you are about to i

How to Install a CD Player in a GMC Sonoma

The GMC Sonoma's factory-installed stereo is purposefully matched with the vehicle's other components to maximize the performance of the audio system. Sonoma owners who desire a more powerful system or wish to include additional speakers, will need to include a more powerful aftermarket head unit. R

Code Alarm CA 501 Installation Instructions

The Code Alarm CA 501 is a remote keyless entry and remote start system. Your vehicle might already have keyless entry, but very few vehicles come with a remote start system. Both of these functions add convenience to your vehicle. However, anyone who obtains this remote control will be able to driv

Disadvantages and Advantages of Large Car Subwoofers

It is not only the quality of car subwoofer that has an effect on the quality of music produced, but other factors such as size can. So how does a large subwoofer affect the output? And what are the advantages? And disadvantages?

How to Open a BMW E66 Key Fob

E66 is the model name for the 2002 to 2008 BMW 7-Series. This series uses an electronic key fob, rather than a traditional mechanical key. The battery in the fob is constantly recharged by the ignition. However, it may require replacement after some time, particularly if it isn't used for a while. I

How to Reset a 1997 Mazda Radio

According to the owner's manual of a 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata car, three invalid attempts to disable the radio's anti-theft system result in the radio becoming inoperable. Furthermore, the guide states that the only way to solve this issue is to get a new radio. Mazda, however, revealed that there is a

How to Program Remote Lock on a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue came standard with keyless entry. In most cases, two remote fobs were included when the vehicle was purchased new. If you've lost one of the remotes, or if it has simply stopped working, you can program another remote with ease. The Intrigue's keyless remote module can s

BMW 5 Series Stereos Make Your Music Come to Life

It is truly wonderful to experience your favorite music while you drive your BMW 5 series vehicle down the highway. Roadtrips, whether to the corner grocery for a gallon of milk or across the country to reach a vacation destination, are much more pleasant when you can enjoy your favorite music at th

Acura Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

Acura is a division of the Japanese Hondo Motor Company and is the basis of its luxury vehicle segment. These vehicles have been popular around the world since 1986 and have been the first to feature some of the top-of-the-line features in luxury automobiles. The Acura was among the first vehicles t

How to Remove the Digital Dash Cluster on a 1991 GMC Jimmy

The instrument panel on a 1991 GMC Jimmy uses a digital display to show the driver what is going on with the SUV. Since this digital dash cluster uses special lighting, occasionally some of it can burn out, making it difficult for the driver to interpret what number is on the display. If this happen

How to Remove a Factory Radio From a Scion XA

The Scion XA is a small hatchback that was sold between 2004 and 2006. The factory radio setup for all XA models is the same, as is the radio removal process. Even if you are an amateur when it comes to car audio, it shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to remove the Scion XA's factory radio. F

Your Emergency Portable Power Supply

Portable generators come in many different shapes and sizes and a variety of prices. Some are more expensive than others and it really depend on how powerful you require your power supplier to be. You really need to work out what size you want it to be first. If you choose to get one of the cheaper