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Bad Economy, Great Business

Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, McDonald's, the Hula Hoop, UPC codes, Diet Coke and Apple Computer; these companies and products are so ingrained in our minds that we fail to think of them as brand new ideas that could either make it or break it. At one time people and companies bet their

Using Custom Imprinted Glow Products To Promote Your Business

Businesses generally use cups, key chains, pens, etc. as promotional products in their advertising campaigns. Though these products are useful, many people may not like them as they lack creativity and entertaining nature. Custom imprinted glow sticks on the other hand are becoming popular promotion

Is Your Business Really Part Of The Community?

When economic times get tough, many small business people find themselves in a world of hurt, debt and worry; worried about staying in business without going bankrupt. As a retired Franchisor having risen from a small business person myself; I know the value of being one with the community - support

How to Advise a Small Business About the Corporate RFP Process

Gross profit -- the calculation that defines a business' success in the marketplace -- is a function of sales and the cost of those sales. For this reason, the purchasing function is one of the most important roles in a small business. Corporate buyers influence the cost and quality of products sold

5 Business Models to Avoid

Growing your biz can give you the greatest lifestyle on the planet. And on the other hand your whole life can suddenly be turned upside down if things get off kilter and your business can tank.

How to Start a Branch of Business

Businesses usually start in one location and branch out according to customer demand. Opening new business branches can help you grow in new markets or geographical locations. It can also help you handle a higher capacity of orders or lower your operational costs by distributing expenses among sever

Why Are Hydraulic Symbols Required?

Hydraulic symbols are very essential requirement to understand more about hydraulic machinery. There are various types of symbols associated with various parts of the entire hydraulic system. Hydraulic symbols also referred as schematics are used to understand, read and interpret circuit drawings an

Business - Staying in the Game

What was the great inspiration that made you say, "Yes, I want to start my own business?"Was it something inspiring someone said to you, or simply an insight that called to you on your own?What was it and more importantly, how do you keep it turned on?

Article Marketing: It's Not About Selling

If you're getting ready to use article marketing to promote your personal brand, you're probably thinking about the many different topics that you can write about. And you're probably also tempted to include in those articles information on all the wonderful products or services that

Breaking Up With a (Likeable) Client

Many of us have clients who are annoying, cheap, stupid, high maintenance or some combination thereof. As a new business owner, we are often stuck with these clients because we need them. However, we look forward to the day when we will have the thriving business that we so deserve, and fantasize ab

Establishing a business in a Büro Leipzig

Germany has always been one of the most developed countries in Europe. Today it represents the axis of the economic rebirth, which is required in order to get everything back in its original state; the ...

How to Find a Good Heating System

Living in a place where there is constant climate changes could be stressful in so many ways. Aside from the clothes, you also have to adjust to different temperatures. It would really help if you ...

Plush Stuffed Toys and Packaging

There is a little bit of conflict between plush toys and packaging. While most toys rely on packaging for the overall appeal, should you do the same for your stuffed toys? If you're going to make custom toys, should you consider customized packaging as well?