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Unsecured Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Getting unsecured credit cards after bankruptcy can quickly become very complicated, but it can become much simpler, too. Your past financial problems will greatly limit your options, which is a downside, but it's also a ...

Tips for a Debt Consolidation Plan

When you face the repayment of a large amount of debt, you may wish to pursue a debt consolidation plan to help with the process. By consolidating your debt, you can focus on a single payment and potentially lower your interest rate. When consolidating debt, you need to keep a few tips in mind.

What Should I Do First When Trying to Settle Debt?

Debt settlement is the process of closing debt accounts by coming to an agreement with creditors. When creditors want debtors to continue making payments and are willing to change the terms of the debt or number of payments, it is known as a debt restructuring, which can often save debtor credit rat

What Is Chapter 7 Filing?

The Federal Trade Commission warns that bankruptcy should be an option of last resort because it can have a long-lasting effect on your credit profile. While filing Chapter 7 may give you an opportunity to start over financially, your starting position may limit you from obtaining further credit, a

Debt Free from Credit Card Debt By Filing Bankruptcy

Most people contemplating filing bankruptcy are at the end of their rope and there's little else they can do to right their economic ship. But filing bankruptcy is at the end of the world, it's ...

Find Out How To Get Credit After Bankruptcy

You can still get credit after bankruptcy but you need to understand how the credit game is played and follow the rules. Take these steps so that your credit profile is presented to potential new credit sources in the best possible light, even with your bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Law Firm Cleveland

Making money is a craze among many. It cannot be said that this is a fault because the entire world runs after money

Can the IRS Garnish a Joint Account in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, private creditors cannot garnish your wages. However, federal agencies, such as the IRS (for back taxes) or the U.S. Department of Education (for federal student loans), may garnish your wages for debts you owe. Even though South Carolina is not a community property state, the IRS

Why Would a Collection Agency Check Your Credit Report?

If you use credit, chances are you have debt. Consumers use credit for small purchases, such as lunch, or major purchases, such as a new car or home. If you're unable to pay your debt, a collection agency may become involved and check your credit report.

Is Bankruptcy the Easy Way Out of Debt?

With the current economic situation and the credit crunch, there are a large number of people who are unable to pay off their debt and are filing for bankruptcy. When one is unable to pay off the debt, there are several ways to deal with the situation. One of the alternatives is filing for bankruptc

How Can I Become a Judge?

A judge is someone who presides over both civil and criminal legal cases filed within the courts. A judge may hear anything from a minor traffic case to a precedent-setting civil rights lawsuit depending on what court she presides over. In the United States, the court system is divided into federal

Do Air Miles Count As Assets in Bankruptcy?

Airline miles, while seemingly insignificant, can be important assets in the bankruptcy process. A debtor must fully disclose all assets and financial holdings when initially filing for bankruptcy, including airline miles, regardless of the particular chapter of bankruptcy. Failing to provide a comp

What Is the Means Test In A Bankruptcy Filing?

Prior to 2005, just about everyone qualified to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Congress believed that too many people were abusing the system and wanted to make some drastic changes to the bankruptcy code. Congress believed that many people that were filing bankruptcy were capable of paying back at leas

Adopt an Optimistic Mindset and Show What You have Learned

Experts on bankruptcy insist that mindset and persistence can make a variation on your everyday life immediately after submitting for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. 'The client who's heading to recover more rapidly is ...

When Does the Trustee File Its Bankruptcy Report?

A bankruptcy trustee is charged with the liquidation of the non-exempt assets of a debtor. If the trustee finds assets, he will give notice to creditors and provide a distribution schedule. Similarly, if the trustee finds no assets, he will also give notice to creditors. These notices issued by the

Bankruptcy Options - Chapter 13 Filing

Recent laws have limited who can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.For many people, especially professionals and people with gainful employment, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the only option.

Bankruptcy is Not a Bad Word

You are working hard, making a good salary. You have all that you need and more. You have a nice home, two cars, a 4-wheeler, just took a trip and put all the charges on one of your credit cards. Then you and your wife find out she is pregnant, with twins. Maybe you weren't expecting this now,

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Who Should File?

For those of you who do not know the difference between a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing and a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, here is my rule of thumb: If a debtor has the ability to pay back all or some of his debts, he most likely will need to file for protection under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy cod