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Gifts and Crafts to Make

Hand crafted gifts are exciting to visualize and make. Often the supplies are inexpensive and the result is a sentimental present. Everyone loves receiving a thoughtful gift that was made especially with them in mind. There are many gifts you can create depending on how you want to tap into your art

How to Draw a Waterfall

Waterfalls come in many shapes and are sometimes a combination of effects. They may be a high cascading waterfall that plunges to the bottom or a small trickling stream that tumbles off of a ledge. No matter what size, all waterfalls are molded by the earth beneath them and these elements need to be

How to Melt Molding Brass

Brass is an alloy made of zinc and copper. It has a low melting point compared with metals such as steel or gold. Its low melting point makes it trickier to melt than a purer metal; as brass reaches its melting point the zinc and copper begin separating. If you control certain variables, though, it

How to Design Sneakers

Think of your favorite pair of sneakers and your favorite colors. Now think of a world where you can combine them together and now know that that world exists. Some of the major shoe companies have designed sites where you can customize their shoes. It is a wonderful thing when you can live in a

Tips on Painting Models

Painting from a model is a long-standing artistic tradition. Artists often prefer to paint from a model rather than paint from another source (such as a photograph or from imagination) because models provide the three-dimensional input that other sources lack. Although professional artists often pai

How to Submit Art to DeviantART

While most artists sell their paintings through their own websites in addition to gallery sales, other online sources serve as a gallery for certain art genres., established in 2000, serves as an artistic community and online marketplace for painters, photographers and other creative

Video: Halloween Party Crafts for Kids

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Mariah. I'm an L.A. based visual artist and fashion designer. And today we are here in my studio and we are going to work on some craft projects you can do at home and some fashion accessories. Now we are going to make some hand puppets. I think a ghost seems...

How to Make Banana Paper

Banana paper is an organically created paper made from the stalks and leaves of the banana plant. It is known for its delicate look and earthy feel, as well as for being an alternative to commercially created paper products. Banana paper can be made at home and used for artwork or journal pages usin

The Best Crochet Threads for Snowflake Ornaments

Crocheting with thread makes delicate snowflakes in a variety of colors.crochet serviettes image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comIf you can crochet, you can create a variety of handmade goodies from the bulkiest scarves and sweaters to the most delicate doilies. Crocheted snowflake...

My Leap Frog Leapster Won't Turn On

The LeapFrog Leapster is an educational tool used by children ages 4 to 10. The handheld console helps children with their reading and math skills. The console features a touchscreen that you can control using a stylus. If you are unable to turn on your child's Leapster, you can troubleshoot the iss

How Can I Make a Custom Embroidered Motorcycle Patch?

Custom embroidered patches for sports teams, clubs, families and motorcycle groups can be as individual as tattoos. For both, a lot of thought goes into the design and creation because they are pieces of art and will represent you or your group for years to come. Choose your design carefully, and th

How to Tie Dye Your Own Clothing

Easily tie dye clothing using just a few items from home. All you need is an article of clothing you want to tie dye, vinegar, rubber bands, containers and food coloring. Tie dye an old white t-shirt, socks or even an apron to make things a little more fun.

How to Braid Types of Lanyard

The craft of making lanyards (also called scoubidou or gimp) began in France in the 1950s and rapidly became a worldwide fad. Not only has it become a classic staple at camps and in schoolyards; it is also practiced by people who need stylish cords to hold their work ID badges. Knowing two or three

The Essential Supplies of a Beekeeper

Be Careful With Bees It is crucial that all beekeepers use the correct supplies and tools when tending to their bees. Though beekeeping is a popular hobby for many, injury can be expected if the ...

How to Display Lollipops

Lollipops are a bright and colorful addition to any bake sale or garage sale table, but it is important to display them well. When you only leave lollipops in a pile on the table, they look disorganized and no where near as appealing as they could. Make yourself a lollipop display stand to take full

How to Make a Simple Boomerang

Boomerangs are ancient and effective weapons that can hit an object from a long distance, then return to the thrower from a single toss. While you can purchase a professional-quality boomerang from a sporting goods store, they can be costly. If you want to make a boomerang just to see what it feels

How to Make a "Make a Difference" Bracelet

It's important to show appreciation to others for engaging in random acts of kindness. Pass along a wristband to remind others to show that appreciation and continue passing that kindness to others. According to the "Make A Difference" website, the project began with the brainstorm of a N

How to Make a Candle With Kids Using Crayons

Children will often discard the nubby bits of crayons for newer, sharper crayons, leaving their parents with a plentiful bounty of wax scraps. While these could easily be thrown away without hesitation, there is another solution -- turn them into something else. Crayons are made from wax, which make

How to Make a Miniature Cardboard Box

Finding the perfect gift can be very satisfying, especially if you find one within your budget. Once you have the present, you need to to find gift wrap worthy of the item. However, most gift wraps are very expensive, and sometimes they can cost even more than the gift itself. Fortunately, all you n

How to Get Items to Use on ROBLOX

"Roblox" is a free interactive online video game where you play a robot. While the game is free to play, items must be purchased with Robux. Robux are purchased using real money through the Roblox website. The Roblox catalog includes weapons, armor, clothes and other robot accessories.