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How to Download Photos to an iPhone

Apple's iPhone is a great device for photo enthusiasts because it allows you to take and store your photos to share with your friends. If you have other photos on your computer that you wish to make portable via the iPhone, you can also add them to your iPhone's photo directory.

How to Sync My iPod to iTunes Without Erasing Music

iTunes is Apple's media library, which can be accessed from home or on the move. Once your iTunes library is up to date, it's time to transfer or "sync" your media files to your iPod. There are various ways to sync iTunes to your iPod, but manually managing your music helps to avoid your iPod's curr

How to Turn on the Motorola Rokr E8

The MotoRokr E8 by Motorola is a multimedia phone with a variety of features. Powered by an Li-Ion battery with about six hours of talk time, turning on your device is a quick and simple process. However, if your phone is not turning on, it likely needs to be charged. Charging your MotoRokr E8 phone

Advantages and Disadvantages of the iPod

Since the introduction of the first iPod in October of 2001, the iPod has become one of the most popular portable music players of all time, having sold over 220 million units. Newer versions continue to be designed and released on a yearly basis and millions of users have signed up to...

How to Get Messenger for iPod

The iPod Touch is a personal media player and pocket computer that uses a multi-touch graphical user interface. The iPod Touch features Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to download applications from Apple's App Store. Windows Live Messenger is an instant-messaging application that is available as

How to Sync an iPhone With a Mozilla Browser

The open source Mozilla Firefox is a cross-platform Web browser that features an iPhone sync utility that can be used to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks, history and other information to your iPhone. Firefox Home is an iPhone app that can securely transfer data between your computer's browser and

How to Sync Apps From iTunes to an iPod

Applications are small programs added to devices like the iPod touch. The apps come in a range of types, including email, games, books and information. Purchase the applications either through the iPod itself or through iTunes on the computer. After purchasing applications on the computer, you need

What Are the Benefits of iPod Touch 4.0?

In June 2010, Apple released the 4.0 version of its iPod Touch firmware. If you still have the iOS 3 firmware installed on your iPod, you may want to consider updating to version 4 in order to take advantage of the benefits that go along with it.

How to Remove Music From an iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation

The third-generation iPod Shuffle fills Apple's iPod lineup as the most simple and stripped-down model, with only music playback abilities and no screen. Like all iPods, the device utilizes iTunes to manage all its music, including transferring tracks to the Shuffle as well as deleting them. With a

How to Get eMusic Songs Into iTunes

EMusic, a subscription-based online music store, differs from other stores, such as iTunes, that charge the user a download fee per song or per album. Transferring songs from your eMusic folder to iTunes will allow you to have your music files readily available to play via iTunes.

How to Import an Outlook Calendar to a Droid

Google Android phones (generically referred to as "Droids") use Google services and servers for apps like Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar. You can access these apps at any time on your desktop computer using a Web browser. To quickly add large amounts of data, such as a new calendar, it's

How to Unformat an iPod Nano

The iPod Nano uses solid-state memory to store data, music, video and photos. A corruption in the file structure can cause the Nano to no longer see any of its contents. To reset the Nano's memory so that the operating system will once again correctly register what files are being stored, reformat (

What Do You Need to Run Mountain Lion on a Mac?

The minimum hardware requirements for Mountain Lion may prevent you from upgrading if you have an older 64-bit Intel Mac. This guide will show you how to determine if your Mac can run Mountain Lion.

The Best Earbuds for Less Than $50

Most MP3 players come with earbuds; however, they tend to be of poor quality. Aside from being uncomfortable with hard plastic and ill-fitting buds, the sound quality is often hollow, muffled, hissy and/or baseless. If you want to get the most out of your MP3 player, consider purchasing a...

How to Turn Bluetooth On/Off on an iPad

The iPad's Bluetooth service can drain battery power even when it is not in use, so one easy way to help your iPad last longer is to turn off the Bluetooth service.

How to Unlock an Apple iPhone 3G for Free

As of September 2010, the only official way to obtain an Apple iPhone in the U.S. is via AT&T. You can also purchase an iPhone from a service like eBay or Craigslist, although Apple doesn't guarantee the authenticity of items sold through third parties. If you have an Apple iPhone 3G and want to unl

How to Change the Time of Ringing on an LG CF360

Like all AT&T phones, the LG CF360 allows users to set the amount of time the phone rings before the call is forwarded to voice mail. The user can change the setting by dialing a special string of commands on the phone's keypad. It's a handy setting for users who find themselves not able to reach th