Bueno Entonces Review

Bueno Entonces is a verb popular and engaging Spanish video course for beginners. It is different in the sense that it uses colorful words and phrases, including some slang, right from the start. The pace of the course is also something that sets it apart from other programs.

The idea of beginners courses is to introduce Spanish words and phrases in such a way that the learner can internalize and eventual use them in normal conversation. Some programs are very slow at building up the vocabulary, making sure that you full understand what is being taught, as well as having the ability to reproduce sounds just they are said.

As you will notice from this Bueno Entonces review, things are done a little bit differently on this course. The video part of the program goes through different phrases quite rapidly. Spanish is spoken right from the start. You are introduced to David who wants to learn Spanish, and Jimena who is the Spanish teacher.

Jimena speaks Spanish right from the start, with the words flashing up in different colors while she is speaking. When something is introduced, David asks lots of questions which helps with repetition. The relationship between the two of them is quite funny, and they have definitely gone down the route of trying to make the lessons engaging and fun.

Because the lessons are a lot of fun, you find yourself fully involved in the stories told and you want to listen on. This is great because Spanish is internalized a lot more while in this mood. It also means that you are more likely to see the course out.

If you are a true beginner, you will definitely feel overwhelmed by the pace of things. The creators state that this was done on purpose as learning at this fast pace prepares you for real Spanish.

It is wise to do each lesson over again to really understand what is going on. The study guide that comes with the course is very good, and has to be used in conjunction with the videos to take full advantage of the course.

All in all, this Bueno Entonces review is very favorable towards this video course. The Spanish used is Argentinian Spanish, which is quite refreshing as there are a lot of Mexican and Spanish courses out there. It is great for anyone who wants to be introduced to Spanish, and for anyone who has studied a little bit of Spanish but needs more practice.
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