How to Beat Naruto's S Rank Mission in "Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2"

    • 1). Beat the lower-level missions. Doing this will get you experience you need to fight the harder missions.

    • 2). Learn the mechanics of the game. The mechanics of a game are best described as the rules or the way the game functions. Figure out such things as what attacks and combos can be repeated with little recovery time. Once you find all of these little tricks, exploit them.

    • 3). Pay attention to the opponent's actions and movements. Typically they will follow some sort of pattern or schedule where they may unleash their special moves early or late into the match. Knowing what to expect from the opponent will help you drastically as you can plan a strategy.

    • 4). Unleash your most powerful attacks at the end of the match. In many S-rank missions you need to finish off your opponent with a special instead of a regular attack. Wasting your specials during the beginning of the match will only seal your loss.

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