List of Ideas for Asking a Girl to Prom


    Drop Flirty Hints

    • If you feel uncomfortable about making a formal proposition about going to prom, try slipping your intentions into a casual conversation. Compliment her on the color of something she's wearing and then suggest that it would be a great color for her prom dress. Ask a question like "What would your prom date think of that?" and when she reveals she doesn't have a date, express surprise. This approach may be too presumptuous in some situations, but it can also inform the girl of your intentions, give you a sense of her interest level, and make the suggestion into a flirty game.

    Create a Scavenger Hunt

    • Make your suggestion even more of a surprise by creating a trail of clues through your high school. Slip a note in her locker that leads her to another location -- the back of a well-known poster in the hall, the underside of her desk in a certain class, or even the pages of a certain library book. Lead her to a bouquet of flowers or wait for her in the final location to finally ask her out.

    Leave a Voice Message

    • Call the girl at a time when you know she won't be able to answer her phone, and embellish your question with sound effects. For example, start by playing a cheesy, romantic song like the ones used for slow dances at prom. After building suspense for a moment, turn the volume down and tell her you'd love to share a night of unflattering disco light, non-alcoholic punch and cheesy music with her.

    Mail a Formal Letter

    • Old-fashioned "snail mail" is an unexpected and romantic way to ask a girl to prom, particularly if you've never communicated with her by letter before. Address the envelope formally, putting "Miss" before her name. Write your question in a long-winded fashion, such as "I am writing to request the tremendous honor of your company on the evening of April seventeenth." For a touch of nostalgia, include a piece of paper on which she can check "yes," or "no," and enclose a self-addressed envelope for her response.

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