Online Dating-The Easiest Way To Seduce Him Online

Seduction online and offline is not that difficult, once we learn the basic rules.

The easiest way to seduce him online...

Is to get inside of his head. Most of us believe seduction happens below the belt line...and that can't be further from the truth!

Seduction begins in the head...and if done correctly begins to spread...all of the way down to the waist...and continues until it curls his toes!

The easiest way to seduce him online...

Is to plant the "seed" of seduction. This is a pre-selected "thought", "dream", "day dream", "a fantasy", etc.

Once you have planted that "seed", you must "water" it in small increments. When this is done right, it will "bloom"!

You must also drop "anchors" and I will show you how and why in a little bit.

The easiest way to seduce him online...

Call him or send him an email or voice mail on his private email or his personal phone.
Mid morning is usually the best time. Early morning most of us are too rushed! But you still want it to be early enough in the day to "marinate" him.

"Last night I had a dream about us. I was all alone when the power went out. I went outside to see if it was just me or the entire was just me.

I had just taken a long bubble bath and was dressed for bed. I was wearing a red satin sleep shirt with very high splits up the sides. I only had the top button fastened before the lights went out. I began to carefully feel my way to the phone and called the power company and they were to send someone out right away. In the meantime I lit a few candles and waited,

The person that was sent from the power company was you! I noticed you staring at me, then I realized I didn't put a robe on. I was slightly embarrassed so I went to the kitchen to get drinks while they were still cold.

We headed down to the basement for you to check the fuse box...the things that happened in the basement still makes me blush...." (From here you can make it as erotic as you like!)

The key to online seduction is to only "give away" part of the story and save the rest for later!

If done correctly, here are the anchors: Blackouts, basements, red satin, and sleep shirts.

Whenever he hears or sees these "anchors" he will automatically think of you!

You owe it to yourself to learn all of the online dating skills you need to make it fun, safe, sexy, and erotic!

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