Law Schools for Litigation


    Stanford Law School

    • Stanford Law School has a Supreme Court Litigation Clinic that makes the school unique among law schools. The program allows students to study litigation regarding the Supreme Court legal system. During the program students prepare briefs and make arguments. They experience litigation through the higher court system.

    Northwestern University

    • Northwestern University Law School has a program on Civil Litigation, which is one of the best in the country. The program is headed by John Elson, who has been part of the program since 1976. He allows students to participate in litigation projects involving prisoner rights, protection of clients by divorce attorneys and victims of domestic violence.

    John Marshall Law School

    • John Marshall Law School incorporates the litigation practicum into the law school curriculum. The program is designed to allow students to learn litigation skills, including analyzing legal facts and problem-solving. The program allows students to work with attorneys to get hands-on experience and learn trial advocacy skills.

    Law Schools

    • Several other law schools incorporate and train students in litigation law. Loyola University, Southern Texas University, Notre Dame and Temple University are also schools that have programs in litigation. These school, along with those previously discussed, rank high among the law schools specializing in litigation.

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