How to Make Tent Cards for Formal Dinner Seating

    • 1). Set your word-processing software to the portrait setting in the page-layout menu.

    • 2). Adjust the margins to accommodate the card stock.

    • 3). Load the card stock into the printer.

    • 4). Scroll down to the halfway point on the word-processing page. The halfway point represents the location of the fold of the tent.

    • 5). Set the text alignment to center and adjust the font to 20 point. Set the font to Times New Roman. You can use a different font if you wish, but make sure the guest can read his name clearly without unnecessary distractions from difficult-to-decipher lettering.

    • 6). Enter the last name of the reservation. If the entire table is dedicated to one family, one place card with the last name will suffice.

    • 7). Print the tent card. Fold the cards horizontally in the center at the scored line. If your cards do not have a scored line, use a ruler to mark the center point and fold.

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